Sleeping with sharks at the Oceanográfic in Valencia

The Oceanogràfic in Valencia allows you to enjoy a different night, sleeping with sharks in the Oceans area, with dinner and breakfast included

We are very used to visiting a city and enjoying its wide range of hotels, but we can always make a stay in that place different. We have already seen that there are more suggestive offers to sleep (or, at least, spend the night), than the typical hotel room. For example, we have discovered that the Natural History Museum in London offers the possibility of spending the night in its facilities, but also there are museums and other facilities just as interesting where to do it in Spain.

For example, him Oceanographic of Valencia It is one of those unique facilities that allow you to enjoy this experience. And not anywhere, but the activity takes place in the Oceans area, which is where the large aquariums where sharks swim. It is possible that there are very few things more intense than sleeping watching these great marine predators swim over our heads.

The activity has a capacity of 100 people, and is celebrated on designated dates. You must book in advance at Oceanographic website and the reservation must be paid at least seven days before the activity, to confirm the reservation. In case of not having paid before those days, the reservation is considered canceled and you cannot access the Sleeping among sharks activity.

The activity begins at eight in the afternoon, when the group participating in the activity meets and a gym bed at the Oceanographic facilities. It consists of following a series of clues to solve a proposed mystery. It is played in groups and allows participants to get to know the game well. Oceanographic of Valencia. Then dinner is made and at eleven thirty at night the area where you will sleep is prepared.

The corridors of the area oceans They are enabled to place the sleeping bags and at twelve the activity for the day ends, inviting everyone to sleep. In the morning, the alarm clock rings at eight in the morning and a breakfast is served, to get energy for the rest of the day. On the second day you can visit the Oceanogràfic and you can even enter the Science Museum or the Hemisféric with a combined ticket.

To sleep among sharks you must bring a sleeping bag, mosquito repellent, a pillow and a change of clothes. The price per person is 80 eurosalthough the schools have a lower rate, so 75 euros. The combined ticket with access to the Museum of Sciences and the Hemispheric It is 85 euro in the case of particular groups and 80 euros in the case of schoolchildren. A different activity to enjoy a night under the watchful eye of sharks.

Photo | Pixabay / FromtheNorth – Flickr
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