Snowshoe routes in the Pyrenees

On a trip to the snow there are many activities that we can do. Although it is true that skiing or snowboarding are the most chosen, they are by no means the only options we have. We can, for example, go hiking with snowshoes. A whole experience on the snow that is fun and safe for the whole family, depending, of course, on the difficulty of the route. The best of all? That there are endless snow routes in places like the Pyrenees and that, in addition to finding plans with snowshoes in Andorra, we can hire a guide to make the experience safer and more comfortable.


Walking through the snow is not easy, our feet sink easily and that makes it very difficult to take more than two steps in a row. Snowshoes help us tremendously to walk on top. This is because these rackets offer a “floating” effect by increasing the support surface, thus distributing the weight over a larger area than our feet. This will allow us to cover reasonable distances without sinking too much, accessing areas that would not otherwise be accessible.

The 4 best snowshoe routes in the Pyrenees

pyrenees snow route

If you are already convinced and want to try this icy hiking modality as an alternative to skiing in Andorra, today we propose what could be the 4 best snowshoe routes in the Pyrenees.

1. Route through the Tristaina Solar Viewpoint

The Tristaina Solar Viewpoint is a very interesting place for hiking with snowshoes. It is about 2,000 meters high, so in addition to a pleasant walk, it will provide us with extraordinary views of the peaks and the snowy valley.

It is located in the Ordino-Arcalís ski resort. You can get there by bus or car to the parking lot in the Hortell area. From there, you have to take the Tristaina cable car, suitable for advanced levels. If you don’t have much experience, the best thing to do in winter is to hire a guided excursion to access the Creussans chairlift (exclusively open to clients with a guided excursion), since the climb is complicated, unless you have experience in the mountains and snow.

2. Route through the Port del Rat Tunnel

From the La Coma de Arcalís restaurant, in the Ordino-Arcalís ski resort, there is a wide track that goes up to the Port del Rat tunnel (2,360 m). This unfinished tunnel was a communication project between Andorra and France. The path goes up the canal and, zigzagging, we will arrive at Port del Rat, on the border with France, which will give us fabulous views over the two countries. In the cold winter, ice icicles are generated that turn the cave into a magical place for visitors.

3. Route along the Camino del Obac

This route is one of the most interesting for those who start snowshoeing. It is a flat and short route that does not exceed 3 kilometers. It runs along the course of the river and begins once you pass the towns of Canillo and El Tarter.

Of this route, the environment in the middle of the mountain stands out, which will leave us with our mouths completely open.

4. Route through the Pessons Lakes

One of the best-known routes is the one that ascends to the Port of Envalira. In this place, in addition to snow and nature, we will find two different things from other routes: the lakes and the Pessons cirque.

The Pessons cirque is the largest glacier in all of Andorra and one of the most impressive places that we will be able to discover with snow.

Access to this route must be done from Granvalira which, it should be noted, is a ski resort that also has other easier routes to start snowshoeing.