Solomon Islands, destination on the rise

Solomon Islands has become a reference place and continues to improve its data year after year.

Some international destinations are surprisingly attractive to travelers looking for new adventures and excitement to enjoy their best vacation ever. A place of reference continues to be the Solomon Islands, an archipelago that is very worthwhile so that many visitors can take it into account when traveling.

Solomon Islands consolidates as a booming tourist destination during the year 2017The data from Solomon Islands throughout the past year have been very positive. A record number of international visitors was obtained, which reflects the great interest of many travelers to enjoy a very satisfying vacation. Specifically, it is interesting to highlight the last few quarters, where very positive data has been harvested.

We are certainly facing a archipelago very attractive where you can enjoy a vacation in Oceania totally different and with the possibility of getting to know great beaches, natural places to relax and a wide variety of gastronomy, which are some of the alternatives that tourists from different parts of the world find.

Solomon Islands Tourism

It is interesting to note that in the Solomon Islands an increase of 10.76% was achieved in the month of October 2017, which is a good percentage to take into account. From the Visitors Bureau It is said that the presence of international travelers in recent months continues to grow at a good pace and it is a very appealing destination.

Among the markets that are growing the most, we find the Australians, since they are interested in resting on the wonderful beaches of the Solomon Islands and discovering their best natural landscapes. Besides the chinese tourism It also improves significantly since it is an interesting exotic destination to be able to disconnect from your daily life and discover a different place.

It is a simply spectacular place due to its natural areas and also because it allows many people to rest quietly, practice land and water sports, as well as discover a very appetizing gastronomy throughout the holidays. All of this will greatly help the tourism sector to advance remarkably in the coming months.

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