Some interesting European castles to see

There are some castles that are very relevant historical constructions to take into account when traveling.

In Europe we find legendary constructions that are well worth knowing, especially the castles. These constructions are excellent to be able to make a very special trip taking a tour of some of the most impressive. It is one of the countries of reference as far as castles are concerned.

Chenoceau Castle is one of the most impressive to see in FranceThe Chenonceau castle, located in the Loire Valley is one of the architectural jewels found in France belonging to the Middle Ages. It offers a privileged visit and you can see both elements of Gothic and Renaissance architecture, with different paintings by Rubens and Le Tintoret inside.

It is also a good alternative to have the opportunity to visit Windsor Castle in the United Kingdom, one of the English jewels in terms of medieval constructions. It was William I the Conqueror the person who built it throughout the 11th century. We find Gothic elements, a really impressive Romanesque moat. Currently a part is open to the public to enjoy its constructions.

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Inside Prague we can see its famous Castle, a great fortress from the Middle Ages that is very popular with tourists. Within its walls are numerous legends and myths that help attract a greater number of travelers to discover its charms. From this place you can see the famous Charles Bridge.

It is interesting to enjoy Krivoklat castle in Bohemia within the Czech Republic. It is a medieval jewel that still preserves its different towers, as well as Gothic elements. It has been a filming location for some films with that of The Brothers Grimm in 2005, a fortress built in the 12th century by the ancient kings of Bohemia and it was the Furstenberg family that saved the castle from ruin.

In France we can enjoy with the chambord castle within the Loire Valley, which is a fabulous landscape. Curiously, it was one of the castles that inspired the famous Walt Disney castle, with large turrets from the 16th century and Gothic elements.

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