Special places to visit in Lithuania

Lithuania still preserves a number of beliefs attached to objects, which invite tourists to enjoy a mysterious journey.

Lithuania is one of many countries that still maintains a series of beliefs related to supernatural powers that are deeply rooted. We are facing one of the last pagan European nations, which maintain a series of beliefs related to a supposed power that certain objects can have. You can take a very interesting tour to get to know some of them and where they are located.

If we travel to the square of the Vilnius Cathedral we will be able to see the so-called miraculous mosaic. Legend has it that if we stop in front of this mosaic and make a wish, it will come true. The less interesting is the power that can be given to a mosaicbut many people still believe in the power of this object.

The witch is one of the classics in pagan legends. In this case it is a sculpture of a witch that is located near the city of Courland. The most curious thing is that if a pregnant woman visits this sculpture, she will be able to wish the sex of the baby that will be born. It is also curious to see the sculpture of a cat whose ear we must rub to make our fear go away, at least that is what the legend says. It is located in a nice artistic neighborhood of Vilnius.

Another of the objects related to beliefs is a donkey’s tail, located in Alytos. Supposedly it makes us stop making mistakes and have more confidence. The donkey tail story it is very interesting as it appears to have belonged to Hodja Nasreddin, who was once one of the great tricksters in Turkey.

A sculpture of a detective is part of the supposedly magical objects. Is a sculpture that was made to commemorate the Day of the Lithuanian Criminal Police. Right on the detective’s cape, it seems, he has a badge that when touched brings you both peace and success. It is another of the many Lithuanian beliefs related to objects. It may be interesting to take it into account when traveling.

Lithuania Landmarks

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