Spend a night at the Natural History Museum in London

In addition to being able to stay in hotels and hostels, in London you can live an adventurous night at the Natural History Museum of London, with dinner included

There are very interesting places to spend the night, places that stand out and that are very different from hotels. sites where the experience is not precisely in sleeping, but in everything that can be done during the night in that space. And it is that one of the most exciting in which you can spend a night is the Natural History Museum in London. What we usually hear and read is that they organize theme nights for childrenbut there is also the possibility of spending the night in the museum in groups of adults.

Children can spend the night living many adventures, since the museum organizes activities to keep them active until late, touring various areas of the museum and help them discover nature in this venerable building. There is even an activity that consists of going on an expedition through the museum with torchesWhich is sure to be very exciting.

In the case of adults, an attempt is made keep that spirit, but adapting it to the taste of the elderly. To begin, the evening begins with a welcome cocktail, to set the night. After you can enjoy a three course dinner and once dinner is over, the adventure begins…

The Natural History Museum London offers activities so that the night does not decay. The activity is called Dino Snores for Grown-upsthat is to say, Dinosaur snoring for adults and includes activities designed so that the elderly can also learn about these extinct animals and many more about nature itself.

You can participate in a night of adventure, with a “treasure hunt” through some rooms of the Natural History Museum in London, enlivened with concerts of harp and other instruments. There is also a game room based on the time of the dinosaurs and even offers a tasting of gins from the distilleries sipsmith. Of course, the bar is open throughout the night to be able to have a drink during the experience and make it more complete.

Of course, you also have to sleep and this is done on the ground, with sleeping bags. In the morning, before leaving the museum, you will enjoy a restorative british breakfast, which will put an end to the experience. It is not something that is celebrated every day and you have to book in advance on the website of the Natural History Museum London. The price is 180 pounds per person, although Museum members can get their ticket for 163 euros.

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