Stirling (Scotland) Information of interest and map

Stirling, where the legend was born

With a culture, traditions and history that usually catches the traveler, Scotland is one of the most interesting countries that the old continent offers us.

Its endless hills and green meadows, accompanied by hundreds of lakes are part of the main charms of this small nation that also enjoys a great medieval legacy visible in some of its towns , but especially through some of the castles that are still standing today.

One of these places is the famous city of Stirling one of the most important historical level because in it fought battles vital to the Scottish people.

Stirling is now a university town. which has generated a much more vibrant and dynamic environment , but we must bear in mind that this city with structural similarities to Edinburgh, It played a very important role in the history of Scotland.

Stirling Castle

Stirling It is a very popular population and with great esteem for the Scots, because, during the war of independence against the English, it was precisely here that William Wallace I defeat the invading troops creating the origin of the legend that has spawned movies like Braveheart.

So important was this battle and William Wallace that the city revolves around this illustrious character which has one of the emblems of the town such as the Monument in his honor.

William Wallace Memorial

William Wallace Memorial

The points of interest that Stirling offers us are varied and it is a perfect place for an excursion from Glasgow or Edinburgh.

what to see

  • william wallace Memorial
  • Stirling Castle
  • Mar’s Wark
  • Stirling Cemetery
  • City center

Among others

streets of stirling

streets of stirling

Visiting Stirling is simple as well as getting oriented, we just have to have located your impressive castle Y We will have no problem locating ourselves.

The center of the city has become the typical point full of shops and restaurants but even so, it is still a quiet and very pleasant place, which opens the doors to the Highlands.

Visiting Stirling is a must during any tour or tour of scotland both for history and for the beauty of the place.

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