Stone Bridge (Zaragoza) Spain

attached to the Ebro

towering over him Ebro riverright next to the awesome Basilica of the Pillar we found one of the great emblems of the city of Saragossa.

The Stone bridgeis an inescapable point during a visit to the capital tomorrow, for its symbolism and importance for the city, as well as for its beauty.

Sunset on the Ebro

Its construction was not easy at all and lasted a long time , culminating in the year 1440.

Of Gothic stylethe Stone Bridge , was already known of its existence in the Roman age, when in addition to being a bridge, he also acted as aqueduct.

Even though it was destroyed after several floods and floods at the end of 1643 got up again, to the joy of all the inhabitants of the city.

Lions guarding the bridge

Lions guarding the bridge

flanked in one of his entries four lions, the Stone Bridge, welcomes us to a city, attached to the river Ebrowith whom he has always maintained a Almost idyllic relationship.

The views from this riverside bridge of the river are spectacular, as is the image that the Basilica del Pilar leaves us, from any of its points.

Views of the Basilica del Pilar from the Puente de Piedra

Views of the Basilica del Pilar from the Puente de Piedra

The basil cross, is located on the bridge and is another of the meeting points of the same and a place with great historical importance.

Traverse both ways the Stone Bridge, is a obligation during a stay in the city of Zaragoza.

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