Stopover, or make a free stopover on your trip

In a general sense, the stopover it’s a long layover, just that. But if you dig a little deeper, you realize that it is also an opportunity to get to know a new destination, totally, or almost totally, for free. It is also a way to save yourself some good money during a trip.

Let’s go by parts. As you know, it is very common that flights long make stopovers. Even many short flights too. These scales have different duration. Sometimes they are short and you hardly even realize you made them. On the other hand, other times they are very long, even more than 20 hours.

If you don’t know how the stopover, long layovers are probably a tedious affair, or at most allow you to take a look around the airport. But that is not your only option. Also you can stay one or more days at the stopover siterest and get to know that destination, without adding costs to your trip.

Stopovertwo destinations for the price of one

The stopover It has existed for a long time, but not all travelers know about it and therefore do not take advantage of it. almost all airlines in the world offer this option, although the conditions may vary from one to the other. However, the essence is always the same: to allow one or more days to be spent in the places where the flight makes stops.

Some airlines, especially in Europe and Asia, widely promote the stopover. On the other hand, in Latin America it is not a very widespread practice, although it exists.

In any case, airlines offer this service basically in the cities where their headquarters are located. For example, KLM offers it in Amsterdam. And Turkish Airlines does it in Istanbul.

This is not the only thing. You should also know that flights with long layovers, of more than 4 hours, are generally much cheaper than direct or short-stop flights. You can do the test in any search engine. It is easily verified that the price difference can be up to 50%.

How to benefit from stopover

The first thing you should do is check the conditions of the ticket. There it must be clearly specified if the flight offers the option to make stopover or not. It will also tell you how much time you have to make that long layover before continuing your journey. Sometimes they give you just a few days and sometimes they give you a year or more.

Obviously, you save a lot because you can visit two destinations in a single trip. But, eye. Be careful because staying in two places could also increase your costs. To really benefit from this option you must make accounts. The idea is that you end up spending the same as if you went to one place.

Likewise, there are some airlines that charge a fee for doing stopover. It is a much lower figure than that of an ordinary ticket, but the same sum. Take a good look at the conditions in each case.

The airlines with stopover

Some airlines offer you the stopover automatically. In others you must formally request it for it to become effective. Let’s see some of the airlines that have this service:

  • icelandair: allows you to do stopover in Iceland, for no more than 7 days. It’s free.
  • Singapore Airlines: has stopover in various destinations. For an additional sum they offer you hotel and other plans.
  • emirates: Similar to Singapore Airlines.
  • Turkish Airlines: in Istanbul, free of charge.
  • Air Canada: for layovers of more than 6 hours. They offer hotel with low rates.
  • American Airlines: in Miami and New York for flights to and from Europe.
  • Cup: In Panama City, with the option to stay up to 365 days.
  • TAP Portugal: on flights to and from Portugal, leaving or arriving in the US, Africa and Brazil.

They are not the only ones. Also on the list are Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Cathay Pacific, China Airlines, Oman Air, Etihad Airways, Air China, Royal Brunei, Air India, Qatar, Jet Airways and many more. You just have to consult with an airline advisor and they will inform you about it.

What you should know…

It is important that you verify if you need a visa at the place where you will make the stopover. Also if there are special conditions for travelers in stopover. It does not matter that the stay is short, if they require a visa, you must process it.

There is also the Stopover Paid By Carrier. It is a special service that some airlines provide to travelers who are going to a destination, have to make a stopover of between 8 and 24 hours and there is no other possible connection for the route. I mean, it’s the only flight you can take. In those cases, the airline pays for the hotel stay.

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