Strange People: The Two Brothers Who Shared the Same Body

Chang and Eng Bunker (1811-1874) were the two brothers who shared the same body, they were born in Makiong, Siam (present-day Thailand). Due to their place of origin, today people afflicted with this genetic malformation are called conjoined twins.

Being so close did not guarantee that they would have a good relationship. They used to fight over and over again to the point that on one occasion, one tried to strangle the other, which in reality would have been a bizarre suicide.

Considered one of the biggest attractions of the Barnum circus, they married the sisters Sara and Adelaida Yates, but each of them could not stand their respective sister-in-law, so the women lived in different houses. Chang and Eng spent three days at one house and three at the other’s house.

Despite these constant fights, the dysfunctional family of four fathered a total of twenty-one children, some died, others were deaf and mute. Having become wealthy landowners in the United States, the economic disaster of the Civil War forced them to return to the circus.

The brothers passed away at the age of 63, on the same day, three hours apart. Chang died of an aneurysm and Eng of the fear of seeing her brother’s agony. They were buried together.

Update: After his death, it was learned that the two could have been separated without any problem. 🙁

Source: Very Interesting