Suncheon (South Korea) Information, where to sleep, what to see and map

Suncheon, Wonder in South Jeolla

Little visited by travelers, South Korea accumulates the vast majority of its tourist flow in the capital Seoul or the “pearl of the south” Busan although cities like suncheon They captivate as soon as you step on them.

Located in the south of the country , suncheon is surely one of the best kept treasures What to see in South Korea

Overshadowed by the neighbor Yeosu much more active and urban, but with much to offer too, Suncheon is running as a “lung” in the southern zone.

Listed as the greener city of South Korean territory, this small town has great attractions in its surroundings and a calm atmosphere in its streets.

Possibly , I don’t know the most beautiful city in this nation but if it becomes a pleasant surprise because there are many things What to see and do in Suncheon.

Naganeupseong Traditional Hillside

what to see

  • Market
  • Seonamsa Temple
  • Naganeupseong traditional village
  • Filming location for telenovelas
  • Suncheon Bay Nature Park
  • gardens by the bay

among other places

Points are not excessive. What to visit in Suncheon but if interesting enough for us to decide to dedicate 1 or 2 days to the city.

Suncheon Bay Wetlands

The most interesting point and for us impressive, is the Suncheon Bay Nature Park where a unique natural environment, with a multitude of wetlands, awaits us.

essential point what to see in south korea,

In this beautiful park, we will find one of the most beautiful prints of the country, where flowers and vegetation of different colors forms a fascinating landscape.

During our visit , we caught a rainy day , but we were still able to see some fascinating enclaves in a park more than recommended.

city ​​market

So important is this enclave that it is included in the Ramsar list where are listed the most important wetlands on the planet.

Also , another of the attractions of the city is its proximity to the Napaneupseong traditional village where the thatched roofs of their houses dominate the panorama.

similar to the Hahoe traditional village that we could what to visit in andong but more authentic by receiving less tourism.

The seonamsa temple is probably the most prominent in the religious plane of the area.

Is historical wonder is a popular place of worship for residents of the province.

Where to sleep in Suncheon

The city with just 230,000 inhabitants, has the enough muscle in terms of accommodation to be able to receive tourists.

There are a few hotels and motels although we decided to stay in the 24 Suncheon Guesthouse and it was a great success.

Where to eat

There are good restaurants throughout the city , so it should not represent any problem , although taking into account that with far fewer options than in Seoul or Busan.

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