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Survey Result: Do you know what news is fake?

remember the post 5 Curious News, do you know what news is false? Well today we give you the answer.

Only that first we are going to capture the final result of the survey and then we will say which news is false.

As you can see in the result, the 59% believe that the false news is the number 5: Shoots basketball while in a coma. But what do you think? THAT’S NOT THE FAKE NEWS!

The moment of truth has come! THE FAKE NEWS IS:
4) Russian scientists rescue a plant from a frozen burrow.

It is false in two respects:

First, the plant was not recovered, rather it was recreated by Russian scientists from the seeds. It is La Silene stenophylla, the oldest plant that has been regenerated.

Another false aspect is that it is not an unknown plant. Rather the regenerated plant is very similar to its modern version, which still abounds in the same area in northeastern Siberia.

The rest of how the seeds were preserved is true.

Source of the other news.

1) Monkeys at a Russian zoo learn to wash windows and pick up trash (Link)

2) Swiss police arrest a man who for 22 years drove without a license. (Link)

3) A Chinese man wins almost 42 million dollars in lottery. (Link)

5) Shoot basketball while in a coma (Link)

What do you think? Did you manage to distinguish between reality and fiction?

Don’t miss Saturday’s post to see if you can crack the hoax.

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