Suzdal, one of the most charming cities in Russia

Russia hides hundreds of cities of intoxicating charm. In its central region, north of the country’s capital, is the town of Suzdal, an important tourist center that is part of the famous Russian Golden Ring. The entire metropolis seems torn from an exotic tale of tsars and distant palaces. Let’s meet her!

Suzdal: sublime beauty

The beauty of the monuments of Suzdal, its pointed domes and decorated walls will fill the eyes of the traveler. Its peaceful streets and the simplicity of the life of its people delight and captivate alike.

Suzdal is a cute little place to visit, especially in winter. It is at this time when the snow takes over the roofs and the road. A warm welcome several degrees below zero is only possible in the heart of Russia.

Cathedral of the Nativity by Pavel Suhov

This beautiful corner does not cover a vast area, so It is easily covered on foot. A children’s story landscape in the middle of the moors of the Asian giant.

It is ideal to start the walk in the Market Square, crossed by the main artery of the town: Lenin Street. At this point there is a small market where you can find souvenirs and clothes to keep warm, mainly. And it will be necessary, since the temperature in the Eurasian country is frankly low.

throughout the village, the tourist will find rural wooden houses, called isbas, and restored traditional churches. In addition, the traveler will also receive some classic mills from the life of the Russian peasant.

Suzdal – Vladimir Sazonov

And to the views we must add another of the pleasures that the traveler will be able to taste: the typical gastronomy. Suzdal prides itself on its medovuja, a honey beer that is sold on every corner, the traditional drink.


“We travel, some of us forever, to seek other states, other lives, other souls.”

– Anaïs Nin –

What to see in Suzdal

1. Suzdal White Monuments

The White Monuments of Suzdal are made of white limestone. Three are located in this city, the most important of all being the Kremlin. Older than the one in Moscow, it dates back to the 10th century. Being of medieval origin, it is strategically located on the curve of the Kamenka.

Cathedral of the Dormition by Yury Dmitrienko

This fortified citadel houses one of the most recognized religious buildings: the Cathedral of the Nativity. Built a century later, its white walls and the blue of its five pointed domes stand out. To this attraction must be added golden doors carved with religious scenes, and Byzantine frescoes inside.

Another White Monument is the Monastery of El Salvador and San Eutimio. This complex houses numerous religious buildings, the most famous being the Church of the Assumption for its frescoes and domes. It also consists of a bell tower, reddish walls and even a prison. The list ends with the church of Boris and Gleb, from the 12th century.

2. Other religious buildings

Suzdal has dozens of churches and other religious buildings of enormous beauty. Some are made of wood.such as the church of San Nicolás, and others in various materials.

Church of Saint Michael the Archangel – dimbar76

In turn, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of the Savior stands out, within the enclosure of the Redeemer Monastery of San Eutimio. The gold and green of its domes gives the building a sublime presence.

It contrasts with a viewpoint of red walls, which It offers tourists the best views of the significant Intersection Convent. Founded in 1364, it functioned as a place of exile for the wives of czars such as Pedro I and Basilio III. The monastery is still active and conserves in its interior numerous samples of Russian art.

Religion exudes from the four corners of Suzdal. The passionate traveler of Orthodox worship will greatly enjoy a visit to this little treasure in Russia.

3. A themed hotel

Isba-Chernyshev Dmitry

Along the streets of Suzdal there is a wide range of hotels and restaurants, as well as entertainment venues. But without any doubt, the best of the options for a complete experience of Russian peasant life are the isbas. These types of houses are traditionally built with logs and clay. Nowadays, the village offers the possibility of enjoying one of them, a great option for all travellers.

But if the cold of winter in Russia sneaks in through the cracks, it is always possible to go out and get a hot drink. It is also an ideal alternative to enjoy the traditional Kvas. This curious nectar is made from wheat flour, rye, barley, black bread and some fruits. Nothing better to get into Russian life.

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