Szentendre, a beautiful excursion from Budapest

Szentendre is a town very close to Budapest that has become a favorite destination for an excursion from the capital of Hungary. Why? Because It is a small town in a perfect state of conservation and, in addition, it has been embellished for better tourist exploitation. As if that were not enough, the majestic Danube River passes through here, so it can be reached by boat.

Getting to Szentendre

Possibly, one of the greatest pleasures of the visit to Szentendre is to make that displacement on the waters of the Danube. This is one of the most culturally rich rivers in all of Europe, and what awaits us both in the Hungarian capital and in this small town is a fabulous expression of this.

There are many river cruises to get from Budapest to Szentendre. To verify it, all you have to do is go along the riverbank on the side of the Parliament, one of the things that yes or yes you must see in Budapest. And there, at different times, you can embark for Szentendre.

However, also It can go cheaper by train, with a short journey of just half an hour. And whoever prefers it and if the weather is good, there is the possibility of covering the little more than 20 kilometers of distance by cycling. This is a fabulous way to do tourism and sports at the same time.

Sleep in Szentendre?

The vast majority of people who make the excursion to Szentendre only spend a few hours there and return mid-afternoon to Budapest. Actually, due to the size of the population, you don’t need more time to see it.

However, depending on the season, it may be really crowded with tourists during those central hours of the day. So to take better photos or walk more peacefully, it is not a bad idea to spend the night in one of their hotels.

Why do this tour

The first reason to make this trip to Szentendre is to see that Hungary goes beyond Budapest. Sometimes we travel in such a hurry and with tour packages so closed that we only see the most topical and famous. It’s good to get out of those stereotypes. And although Szentendre is quite a tourist town, it serves to see something of Hungary other than its beautiful capital.

Over there the feeling awaits us that we are invited to walk through some beautiful and quite cozy streets. We will begin with the riverside promenade that flanks the Danube. It is the first thing we will step on in Szentendre if we go there sailing.


But not everything is walking. Szentendre is a small town, but there are up to 16 different museums. Each one more peculiar. You can see the Karacsony Museum, focused on Christmas and where you can collect special objects for the most endearing celebration of the year.

There is also the Szamos Maripan Manufacture, a bar and pastry shop that is also a museum, as it has a curious collection of figures made of marzipan. although maybe the most attractive museum in Szentendre is the one on the outskirts, an open-air museum ideal to discover the most deeply rooted Hungarian traditions and customs.

Equally, you can visit several interesting churches in the very heart of the small town. The largest of all is that of San Pedro and San Pablo, while the oldest is that of San Juan Bautista. And, of course, you have to know San Andrés, which is still the name of the town.

to all that we must add the beauty of parks such as Szobor with its beautiful sculptures or the Postás park, which even has a river beach. It is a good place to cool off after going up to the Angryal viewpoint, which offers beautiful views of the whole, or after walking through the Dumtsa Jeno, the main avenue of the city where there are always things to see and to buy.

In short, the excursion to Szentendre is highly recommended for many reasons. Among others, because It is a counterpoint to the large towns that we always want to see in this area of ​​Central Europe, with big cities like Budapest, Prague or Vienna, but also with towns with a special charm.

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