Tallinn, enjoy a different Christmas in Europe

Christmas in Tallinn is considered one of the most beautiful in Europe and is one of the options to enjoy different festivities.

Looking ahead to Christmas Many couples think of a nice destination to go to in order to enjoy these upcoming holidays calmly. Within Europe it is interesting to keep in mind the city of Tallinn, a charming city of Estonia that each year usually surprises tourists for its impressive for many Christmas marketwas even named the best in Europe recently.

The medieval aspect of the city of Tallinn makes many couples want to know this charming tourist destination, especially to enjoy the Christmas atmosphere now in the month of December. One of the most important points is the christmas marketwhich allows us to have a typical Christmas picture, ideal for taking pictures and having a beautiful memory of these holidays. For example we can enjoy with the classic gingerbreadin addition to different traditional sweets.

Christmas Proposals in Tallinn

You can’t miss your big christmas tree, which each year usually offers a different aspect, with a decoration that surprises tourists and citizens of Tallinn and is usually located in the heart of the Town Hall Square. The outdoor activities and cultural proposals They are usually very typical now in the month of December to make Christmas a perfect time to spend with the family.

After making the appropriate purchases of different typical and traditional crafts, taste products from the area, you can take a walk around the old town to get to know all the attractions of the city better. The good atmosphere, the decoration of the time accompanies the traveler throughout the city and it is something that helps you to enjoy the trip.

One of the tallinn landmarks It is its famous Plaza de la Libertad, a reference for all citizens and is located outside the wall. Estonian independence is remembered here. It is also possible to see in this area the Church of San Juan, one of the traditional religious buildings dating from the 19th century.

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