Tangier, a modern metropolis in North Africa

Located across the Strait of Gibraltar, Tangier, a modern metropolis, is the ideal gateway to enter Africa. A great city that has become one of the great economic centers of Morocco.

This cosmopolitan city becoming known internationally in recent years. Its growth and opening to the world has ended its charm of the 40s and 50s and today it is its street atmosphere that continues to attract lovers of the decadent. We bring you closer to this “new” tourist city.

Tangier, a modern metropolis


Despite being a little-known destination, in recent years Tangier has become a tourist destination for lovers of multiculturalism. Its large port, Tanger Med, and its industrial activity are the reasons for its opening to the world and its rapid growth.. This has produced a unique mix of cultures and customs, making Tangier a modern metropolis.

Whether through an excursion or on our own, Tangier has many places to admire that we cannot miss. Here we leave you a list of those essential visits so that you do not leave anything out of this unique city in northern Morocco. You dare?

What to see in Tangier

The Kasbah of Tangier

Kasbah of Tangier

It is an old walled enclosure on top of one of the city’s hills. It is a network of alleys where we can find small and charming hotels and riad from European owners.

Walking through the kasbah, we will see a hole in the wall converted into a good viewpoint from the old port of Tangier, where you can see sections of the old Portuguese fortification.

The medina of Tangier

Medina of Tangier

It is a staple place in every city in the Arab world. This great medina is ideal to get lost in it while walking through its streets, and we mean it literally. Its narrow and labyrinthine streets will fully introduce you to the way of life of local merchants.

And it is that the medina of Tangier is full of alleys, shops and craft workshopswhich reflect the speed at which its inhabitants live, being very similar to what we know from medieval times.

The square on April 9

Also known as the Grand Souk. This old market It is one of the largest squares in the city. It is located right at the entrance of the medina, being a great meeting place for its inhabitants.

There is the Rif cinema or the Sidi Bouabid mosque. On one side of the square, we will find the Mendoubia gardens, where silence stands out, much appreciated after visiting the square, and an old tree of more than 800 years known as the banyan tree.

Cape Spartel

Cape Spartel

It is one of the land limits of the Strait of Gibraltarthe place where the waters of the Mediterranean Sea meet those of the Atlantic Ocean.

Located about 20 kilometers from the town, we will find this place to relax and enjoy the views of the strait. Also, we can see the lighthouse of Espartelthe first to be built on the Moroccan coast.

The grotto of Hercules

Hercules Grotto

Legend has it that Hercules set foot on each continent and with great effort managed to separate Africa from Europe, giving rise to the Strait of Gibraltar. After the great effort, the Greek god spent the night in the cave before heading to his next destination. Hence the name of the cave.

Its main characteristic is that it has two openings, one towards the land and the other towards the sea, whose relief is known as “the inverted map of Africa”. The archaeological value of the cave is enormous given its antiquity, estimated at seven thousand years ago.


After being closed to the public for a couple of years, the Hercules caves have reopened after a major renovation. Do not miss the opportunity to visit them.


Very close to Tangier, to the south, we find this coastal city, a summit for lovers of the south in North Africa. It has a beautiful medina which is worth a walk to soak up the charm of the city.



Despite being a little further from Tangier, the prettiest blue town in all of north africa It is a highly recommended visit. Chefhaouen, also known as Xauen, sits on an old Berber site, hence its peculiar blue color.

The curious doors of different styles and sizes, its artisan shops or its houses of various shapes have one thing in common: the blue color that floods this beautiful city. A place that will make you fall in lovesure!

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