Tanzania: The red lake. – 101 amazing places

Tinted red by a strange bloom of algae, Lake Natron is an unavoidable attraction for tourists on a trip to Tanzania. Lake Natron should be included among the strangest in the world, in addition to its color, in which you can see spiral formations of sodium carbonate that arise from the depths of the planet in the form of geysers.
Such an inhospitable environment, however, can shelter life: thousands of flamingos decorate the lake with their colorful blush, creating an even more special spectacle.

Located about 25 km north of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, bordering Kenya, Lake Natron has a length of 60 km of deep red water. The waters of the Ngaresero River die in its bed, leaving the lake only as a result of evaporation produced by the sun, also contributing to the extremely high salinity. (Satellite image at NASA)

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