Temple of Heaven (Pekin) Essential visit in Beijing

Temple of Heaven, more than a temple

Listed as one of the great attractions of Beijing, the Heaven Temple , it is a must what to visit in beijing on a trip to the capital China.

Located in a huge park (Tiantan Gongyuan) is one of the places with the highest number of people in all of Beijing and a real lung for the city.

the temple of heaven and the park as a whole, are cataloged as Heritage of humanity by unesco since the end of 1998.

Heaven Temple

The main symbol is known as Heaven Temple a building dating from 1420 and that he exercised under the mandate of the Ming and Qing dynastiesas a key point to carry out offerings for good harvests.

Today it is still an essential place What to visit in 2 days in Beijing.

Room of the Prayers for Good Harvests

Called Good Harvest Prayer Pavilionin which they were made sacrificesclaiming , health and welfare for the crops .

The inside built with woodhold it foundation of pillarsthe cupola , with the peculiarity , that it does it without the use of nails or cement.

Hall near the temple

Hall near the temple

This pavilion of Qi Nian Dian, It is the most visible of all those that make up the park and we can see its size and beauty from almost any point of the enclosure.

Their 30 meters in diameter attached to the 38 meters highThey give it an elegant touch, together with the beautiful range of colors that make up its façade.

Main Pavilion

Main Pavilion

Their dome with bluish tilesis crowned by a big golden ball and it is, one of the great wonders of the building.

Round Altar

This is the main area, although not the only one since the park provides us with endless surprises, such as the Circular Altar area.

With their 5 meters high is entirely built in White marble and on three levels and although it has undergone several renovations, this is a excellent condition.

circular altar

circular altar

In this area, emphasis is placed on the number 9 since odd numbers, according to local beliefs, have great relationship with the heavenly and 9 is the number of a single largest odd digit.

In the upper area of third level we find mosaics with nine rings and the stairs are also built and distributed in multiples of 9.

marble altar

marble altar

Among its curiosities, it stands out that from the center the sound is amplified enough, because of the way it was built, so if someone speaks or shouts from that point the sound is much higher than normal.

Temple of Heaven Echo Wall

another one of the places capitalized underscoresthis wall is a real stone speaker.

In the background, The Echo Wall

In the background, The Echo Wall

It is said yes we whisper from one of its ends, can be heard on the other end although unfortunately, with the number of tourists there are daily, it is almost impossible to verify it.

Imperial Vault of Heaven

Very similar in design to the Room of the Prayers for Good Harvests, This building is a little smaller than its neighbor.

Imperial Vault of Heaven

Imperial Vault of Heaven

In times of emperors, contained the names of the ancestors of the emperor who ruled at the time.

surrounded by the echo wallin this building, they used to keep the ceremonial items..

Tourists accessing the Vault

Tourists accessing the Vault

Long Hall of the Temple of Heaven

It is in this area where the Chinese inhabitants sit down to enjoy board or card games .

Chinese folk game

Chinese folk game

This place is one of the best for enjoy chinese life in the park and one of its entertainments.

activities in the park

The Heaven Temple is a real wonder, both for history as for architecturebut the truth is that it loses interest as soon as you get into the parkthe latter being true protagonist.

In all the corners of this fantastic park, we can appreciate and enjoy how the inhabitants of the area carry out dozens of different activities.

Depending on where we are we will see close up , different activitieshow can it be:

Woman with her accordion, waiting for singers

Woman with her accordion, waiting for singers

Several people, with a libretto, are located at a point in the park, waiting for more people to come to sing a song, while one of the members of the group accompanies the voices with a accordion, trumpet etc…

  • Gymnastics in the temple of heaven

Are several points of the park, which house instruments and “furniture” so that whoever wants it, can perform their exercises.

frequented by older peopleIt is a delight to see that many elderly people enjoy excellent health and a elasticity, unusual for his age.

The jianzi It is a very practical popular in China and throughout Southeast Asia.

With a ball, very similar to those used in Badmintonthe players, are passing, said contraption from one to another without it falling to the ground.

In my case, I dared to try it but at a rather low level.

The musicis part of the life of the Chinese and in the Park of the Temple of Heaven, is clear in every corner.

Musicians, with guitars, harmonicas, trumpets etc.. they liven up the atmosphere of this park with their beautiful melodies.

frequented by womenis one of the activities with more public influx.

Organizers” they have huge speakers to the park to be able to carry out his classes.

Surely the more attractive for the tourist.

In different areas of the park, they form Groups of people who dedicate themselves to dancing, some in a group and others individually performing dances of the most curious.

It’s one of the big claims of this park from our point of view.

Part essential in the life of the ChineseThese two activities are also part of the park day.

Price and schedule

park hours 6 AM to 10 PM

Hours of points of interest: 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

The ticket price is between 30 and 40 Yuan second season.

How to get to the Temple of Heaven

The best option is to arrive meter since the station Tiatanngmen, on the line 5 is just 100 meters from the park.

You have to go out the exit to

Nearby is the pearl market

One of the best places thatWhat to see in Beijing and in one 15-day China route.

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