Temple of the Lamas (Beijing) Essential to see in China

Lama Temple, Chinese Buddhism

The temples offered by a city of the size and tradition of Beijingare abundant, so depending on the time we have to visit it, we must make a choice which of them we should visit and you can not miss the Beijing Lama Temple.

The Yonghe Gongmore popularly known as the Lama Templeis one of the places that we must highlight in our itinerary through the capital of China.

this temple, live and breathe buddhism on all sides and is one of the most beautiful and traditional what to see in Beijing.

Incense Distorted Entrance

This temple of tibetan origin ,is the most famous Of these temples we can see out of Tibet which makes it one of the places most visited in the city.

Its origins date back to the end of 1744 date after which , has always been at the top of the most points emblematic Beijing cult.

Distributed in different rooms or pavilionsthe main part of the temple welcomes us with a yard of great size, where the numerous incense offerings cause a almost mystical effect that does not allow us to see clearly.

Busy daily for hundreds of faithfulthe most devoted go to place offerings and to make their prayers every day, to one of the complexes most sacred by Chinese Buddhists.

  • Hall of the Wheel of the Law (Falun Dian)

In this room, we can see closely the image of Tsongkhapawho was the founder of the Gelupa or yellow hatsa kind of buddhist orderhighly revered by the followers of this religion.

Built in bronze shows a curious expression on the face of kindness, with a somewhat smile disturbing.

Tsongkhapa's face

Tsongkhapa’s face

In the image we can see in his head, the famous typical hat of this order.

  • Wanfu Pavilion (Wanfu Ge)

Constructed and sculpted all in one piecethe sculpture of maitreya in its Tibetan version, captures all eyes in this pavilion.

18 meter tall figure of Maitreya

18 meter tall figure of Maitreya

It is one of the rooms most impressive of the temple and the more than 18 meters high of this figure, they will leave us speechless when placing us in front of her.

This pavilion communicates with the Yansui Pavilioncontaining a giant lotus flower.

There are several rooms, in which we can see different collections of Buddhist figures and some Tibetan utensils such as the room Jietai Lou Y Banchan Lou.

All these pavilions and rooms are located in a awesome complex built almost entirely in wood and in which we can closely appreciate the greatness of the constructions Buddhists.

wooden constructions

wooden constructions

How to get to the temple of the Lamas

The fastest and most comfortable way to get to the lama templeis to do it in Meter.

The Subway Line 2 color blue, has a station right at the temple. the stop is yonghegong either Lama Temple.

Hours and Rates

The Temple of the Lamas, open from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

The price of admission is 40 Yuan plus twenty if we want Audio guide.

[fresh_alert color=»yellow»]The Temple of Confucius is just 100 meters away.

The road between the two is full of small shopsideal , to buy incense and Buddhist figures.[/fresh_alert]

One of the best places to visit in a route through China and inescapable What to see in Beijing in two days.

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