Tetouan, a different city in the north of Morocco

On the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar, Morocco shows us a very different and therefore attractive culture. The wealth of the African country is immense. There are several tourist cities, such as Marrakech or Casablanca, but in this article let’s discover Tetouan, the “White Dove”. Can you come with us?

Located in the north of Morocco, Tetouan is not as well known as other cities, therefore it is less common to see large groups of tourists. In this way, it is easier to adapt to the life of Moroccans, carry out their activities and taste their gastronomy.

The medina of Tetouan

Medina of Tetouan

The medina of Tetouan is one of the best preserved in the country. A medina that, like others, is located inside the city wall. You can access it through one of the seven doors that preserves that wall.

In it you will discover labyrinthine streets, with countless shops and street businesses. Here you will find countless artisans that they will offer you their products. Jewelry, the typical rugs, fabrics and all kinds of clothing are just some of the things you can buy in this place.

Though it is not as big as other medinas in Morocco, for example that of Fez, is worth exploring calmly. You will enjoy the perennial animation in this place. And you can do it on your own, but you must be careful, it is easy for a mistake to make you lose yourself inside.


The medina is a place that seems anchored in the past. It is so unique that it has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997.

feddan square

It is integrated into the medina, but deserves a separate mention. It is a huge square that was the true heart of the city. The Royal Palace is located there.. It cannot be visited, since it is the residence of the Moroccan monarchs, so you have to settle for seeing the building from the outside.

Other corners of Tetouan

The medina is the great attraction of the Moroccan city, however, it hides other places of interest which is worth visiting. We show you some of them.

The Spanish Quarter

Moulay el Mehdy Square – paigeproduction2012 /

In Tetouan, as in many towns in Andalusia, white color predominates in buildings. This makes sunsets especially beautiful in this city.

And white are the constructions of the Spanish Quarter, which was developed during the Protectorate. In it you will appreciate a unique colonial architecturein which the balconies and touches of green stand out.

An interesting one is the Moulay el Mehdi square. Here you will also appreciate the footprint of the Spanish, since it is where the church of Nuestra Señora de la Victoria is located.

Museums in Tetouan

In the city you can discover some interesting museums. This is the case of the Archaeological Museum, where objects found in the surroundings of the city are exhibited and that speak of its long past. You will be able to contemplate some Roman mosaics, weapons, sculptures, vessels, etc.

It is also worth visiting the Ethnological Museum of Tetouan. A perfect place to learn more about the culture of the city and the country. In it are exhibited from regional costumes to musical instruments.

The beaches of Tetouan

Black Cape Beach

The city of Tetouan is inland, but very close to the coast. And in it there are perfect beaches to relax. Golden sand beaches that have little to envy to others in the Mediterranean. Those of Rincón or Cabo Negro stand out.

Gastronomy in Tetouan

On our visit to Tetouan we must savor the great gastronomy of the country. It is a varied gastronomyfeaturing vegetables, couscous, meat, fish or shellfish.

couscous dish

Among the most famous Moroccan dishes we find the tajine, a stew with pieces of chicken or lamb. Another typical food that you can try in Tetouan is bread khubzwhich has more bark than the European.

As for the main course, couscous, served with various types of meat or stewed with vegetables. Being one of the icons of Morocco, we can find it cooked in very different ways, depending on where we go.

As you see, Tetouan is a city that can surprise and that will enter you through the five senses. Are you planning a visit?

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