Thailand will allow the entry of tourists with a new visa

Thailand will allow the acquisition of a special tourist visa, which will allow more than 90 days, under strict conditions.

The Thailand government is making great effort to combat Covid-19, but at the same time it wants to recover economic activity and for this it needs to open its borders. A series of measures will be taken so that visitors can enter gradually, always with some very strict measures to prevent the entry of people who could infect the citizens of the area.

The first measure is that of a special tourist visa, which will allow visitors to stay beyond the 90 days that is usually allowed in normal cases. This visa will cost additional of about 54 euros and the visitor can renew it up to two times, accumulating up to 270 days in Thailand.

The visitor entrance will be staggered, with about 3 flights a week and in each one 100 tourists in total. All visitors will have to undergo a 14-day quarantinewhich means that they will not be able to leave through Thailand and they will have to be in a special quarantine accommodation without leaving.

Tourists who pass the quarantine and the appropriate negative test, will be able to go to their preferred hotel that they have already reserved. to be able to enjoy freely in Thailand. To enter Thailand, when they open, you will need a special visa application with a quarantine accommodation payment document, from the hotel where they will later stay, a medical certificate, as well as medical insurance with coverage of about 85,000 euros for medical expensesmedical certificate indicating the tourist does not have Covid-19.

There are certainly many the requirements that are going to be demanded of visitors from now on, at least until the situation normalizes in 2021. The truth is that it is a measure that will allow the entry of tourists. Despite the discomfort and the cost of spending time in quarantine without being able to get to know the country, for many it will be worth knowing Thailand in these strict conditions.

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