The 10 best beaches in Asturias

The Spanish coastal strip on the Atlantic Ocean offers diverse landscapes that captivate due to their impressive beauty. Among them, the beaches of Asturias stand out, on the coast of the Cantabrian Sea.

The autonomous community of the Principality of Asturias is famous for having a space of well-kept beaches with a low level of urban development. There, in a unique natural setting, the intense green of the vegetation, the gold of the sand and the deep blue of the sea.

Asturias beaches: 300 kilometers of coastline to surprise you


“You can’t be unhappy when you have this: the smell of the sea, the sand under your fingers, the air, the wind.” Irène Némirovsky – Novelist.

The beaches of Asturias surprise you with their variety. There is something for everyone: infinite sandbanks, narrow strips at the foot of imposing cliffs, inland beaches, places with intense waves ideal for surfing and calm waters to enjoy with the family.

Whatever your preference, in Asturias you will always find the beach you are looking for! Shall we start the tour?

1. Penarronda Beach

We begin our itinerary at the western end of the Asturias coast, where Peñarronda Beach is located.

this sandbank It was declared a Natural Monument and is part of the Oscos-Eo Biosphere Reserve for its biodiversity and high ecological value.. In addition, this beach is identified with the Blue Flag of the European Foundation for Environmental Quality.

A paradise chosen by surfers, with a space of sand and dunes 600 meters long and 350 meters wide, sheltered by two cliffs of special beauty. The site has a place to park the car and tourist equipment.

2. Cadavedo Beach

Less than an hour’s drive east on the A-8 brings you to the town and beach of Cadavedo. Made up of dark sand, it is about 440 meters long and is ideal to spend the day sunbathing or diving in its crystal clear waters.

It is a beach with good access, infrastructure and tourist services, so it is very crowded throughout the summer.

3. Beach of Silence or Gavieiro

Following the A-8 you travel about 16 kilometers towards the town of Castañeras. There you find this narrow pebble beach or xogarral at the foot of a steep cliff. The views from the coast include islets and an incredible blue sea.

Playa del Silencio has no services and accessing it from the upper part is somewhat complicated, but it is well worth it if you are looking to spend a few hours natural and extremely quiet environment.

4. Salinas Beach

Half an hour away, following the same coastal route A-8 and near the city of Avilés, you arrive at one of the best beaches in Asturias for surfing.

Salinas beach is considered a space of high environmental quality, which is why it is on the list of Blue Flag beaches. It is formed by an immense sandbank of more than 2 kilometers that in summer is filled with families. Have excellent access and a well-kept promenade with high-quality tourist services.

5. Rodiles Beach

Continue along the same route and passing Gijón continue for 36 kilometers until you reach the Villaviciosa Estuary Nature Reserve, where you will find Rodiles beach included in the list of Blue Flag beaches published by the European Foundation for Environmental Quality.

Surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees and with 1 kilometer of golden sand, this is one of the largest and most popular beaches in Asturias. Entire families arrive there to spend the day and many surfers attracted by the strong waves.

It has all tourist services such as excellent access, parking, restaurants and rest and walk areas.

6. Sea Caves Beach

Continuing with our coastal route, from Villaviciosa, an hour’s drive away, you arrive at the mouth of the Nueva River. There is this beach of fine sand and cave formations formed by the erosion of water and wind.

Cuevas del Mar Beach has all the tourist services and parking for cars so you can access it with the whole family,

7. Gulpiyuri Beach

Just a 15-minute drive down the A-8 motorway brings you to an inland beach near the charming town of Llanes, which is also in the protected coastal zone.

To access it you have to take a country road and cross some meadows. Although it is only 50 meters long, prepare to see a huge natural pool if you arrive when it is time for high tide. Gulpiyuri beach is amazing!

8. Torimbia Beach

Back on the route, you travel only 7.2 kilometers and arrive at Torimbia Beach. Located in an area protected by cliffs, you will find one of the most famous nudist beaches in the Principality.

If you arrive by car, leave it upstairs in the parking lot and access the white sand by going down a path.

9. Poo Beach

You continue east for about 50 minutes on the A-8 and you will arrive at Playa del Poo. Very close to Llanes, where the Vallina river meets the sea, this beach of fine white sand is located and in a particular way, which changes its appearance depending on the tide.

At high tide the water enters through a channel and natural pools are created on the sand, so it is great if you go there with children to spend the day.

10. Toro Beach

The last point of the itinerary is very close to Llanés. Here is another of the beaches of Asturias that is part of the Protected Landscape of the Eastern Coast. Thanks to its geology of karstic phenomena with rocky islets, sinkholes and caves, its white sand and the diversity of the vegetation we see here a special landscape.


“The declaration of the Protected Landscape intends, therefore, to regulate tourist and urban uses in such a way that they are developed in a way that is compatible with the protection of landscape values.” Government of Asturias – Environmental Network.

The The beach has all the services and good accessibility that attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The charming beaches of Asturias

Lying on the Cantabrian Sea, the beaches of Asturias have a completely different imprint from those of the Spanish Mediterranean coast. All of them are found in natural settings and many are part of protected areaswith which their conservation is prioritized, avoiding any type of urban advance on them.

To fully enjoy the beaches of Asturias, just keep in mind what the locals say “!It seems that the water is frozen, but it is not! , it is very good and the feeling of freshness goes away right away”.

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