The 10 best hiking trails in Madrid

Hiking may not be the most attractive activity to do in the capital of Spain. However, very few know that there are many settings for hiking in Madrid. For all tastes, and for all possible levels of difficulty. Many of them have views of incredible landscapes that will make the tour much more enjoyable, allowing you to escape from the routine for a while. Therefore, when you have had enough with the urbanism of the Spanish capital, Prepare your luggage and clothing to cross paths full of adventures that we prepare for you at El Viajero Feliz.

The 10 best hiking trails in Madrid

1. Canthus of the Head

One of the most difficult hiking routes near Madrid is that of Cancho de la Cabeza. However, it is worth all the effort to complete it, especially since it is located in a field where our mind will be completely clear. In addition to this, it should be noted that Patones de Arriba is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain, where the climb to Cancho de la Cabeza is located.

From the top of this point you can have a complete and extraordinary panoramic view of the El Atazar reservoir. It is necessary to take precautions due to the unevenness that exists on the route, which makes it much more difficult to cross this route.

2. Schmidt Way

Schmidt Road

The Schmidt path is one of the top Madrid hiking trails, because it is one of the most traveled by the most adventurous. It is located in Puerto Navacerrada, where it has already become a Madrid tradition to walk this route in the morning, especially if it has snowed. Its name comes from the hiker from Austria who established the access in 1926.

The classic route of the Sierra del Guadarrama begins at the Escaparate ski slope towards Puerto de la Fuenfría, passing through the shady forest of the Seven Peaks, and from there begins a descent along the Roman road to Fuenfría of Cercedilla. Hikers classify this route as medium difficulty, with considerable accessibility. However, it is made for people who usually do many hiking trails in Madrid, due to the fact that there are several unevennesses. Therefore, if you are a beginner in this world, it is recommended that you start with other, easier paths.

3. Lozoya River Canyon

Lozoya river canyon - hiking trails in Madrid

The Lozoya river canyons are one of the most attractive routes through Madrid that exist. However, it is one of the least known, so it does not have as many visitors. In addition to that, it is a simple path, designed for beginners in the world of hiking, but it is not without its areas of difficulty. The journey begins at the remains of the Pontón de la Oliva Dam, the oldest in the Community that is disabled.

In the same area you can also do other types of activities, in addition to hiking trails in Madrid. One of them is climbing thanks to the cliffs of the Lozoya River itself. As its name indicates, the route goes in the same direction as the river, although sometimes people can meet the Jarama. A place to see in this area is the Roman site of Dehesa de la Oliva, which is reached through a detour between the two rivers. Without a doubt, the ideal place for those who love history.

4. The chair of Felipe II

One of the easy Madrid hiking routes is located in the Herrería forest. In addition, it also has a lot of history and tradition in the area. After a long climb, visitors can reach the chair, nailed to the granite, from which it is said that King Felipe II watched over the works of El Escorial. However, the truth is that it is a vetón altar restored during the last centuries. Religious customs are still maintained, given that every year on the second Sunday of September there is a procession of the Virgin led by oxen that reaches the Hermitage of the Virgen de Gracia.

5. Purgatory Waterfalls

purgatory waterfalls

One of the main hiking routes in Madrid is located in the Valle de Lozoya, the central area of ​​the Sierra de Guadarrama. In this case, we are more interested in the area of ​​the Paular Monastery, which brings together several of the main charms of the valley.

We are talking about the great attraction of the Cascadas del Purgatorio, which is also a hiking route in the Sierra de Madrid. All its path is made for the true passionate hikers, despite the fact that it has a medium difficulty. Starting from the Paular Monastery, we will go to a beautiful site made up of two waterfalls housed in the Aguilón stream, within a rocky and mountainous area.

6. Mount Abantos

Monte Abantos - hiking trail in Madrid

Getting to Monte de Abantos is one of the most visited, traditional and frequent hiking routes in Madrid for beginners in the Madrid community. It is full of paths full of unevenness, which means that its difficulty varies along the way. However, it is still the perfect visit to go with the family or a good group of friends.

Mount Abantos It is over 1,700 meters high, and is part of the Sierra de Guadarrama. His land is separated between Madrid and the province of Ávila. Its slopes are covered with pine trees, where the vast majority were replanted after the catastrophic fire in August 1999. The name of the well-known mountain is due to the abanto, a very common species of bird in the area of ​​the mountains during the reign of Felipe II.

7. La Pedriza

La pedriza - hiking trails in Madrid

The southern slope of the great Sierra de Guadarrama is home to a large series of tourist attractions. Among them, one of the most outstanding is Manzanares el Real, which has a corner that must be discovered. Even all the people from Madrid who like getaways know closely that we describe La Pedriza.

The area has the distinction of having truly fabulously shaped cliffs., to the point that each one receives a name according to its characteristics. Thus, in the deepest parts, you can see the Carro del Diablo or El Elefantito. Then, in the intermediate part, Los Fantasmas can be distinguished and at the highest point, Cerro de los Hoyos or Torres de la Pedriza, with an altitude of more than 2,000 meters.

For this reason, it is one of the hiking routes in Madrid that is essential to travel. Not only to witness the curious shapes of the cliffs, but to carry out an excursion full of adventures, going through confusing labyrinths and deep caves. A route of medium difficulty that starts from the Cantocochino Parking, following an ascent to La Pedriza, passing through the Arroyo de la Ventana until arriving at La Dehesilla.

8. La Barranca-La Maliciosa

La Barranca-La Maliciosa is one of the hiking routes near Madrid, which has a route of medium difficulty. This is due to its steep slopes at the entrance to the pass, so it is preferable to have an adequate physical conditioning and a continuous practice of walks.

In this sense, the route has several slopes, in addition to the fact that to reach the Piornal pass, it is necessary to leave behind multiple slopes. It may be a short ride, but quite an incline that may require good physical condition. In addition to this, the route has an irregular surface full of volatile stones.

9. Peña de Cinderellas

cinder rock

One of the top hiking trails in Madrid is located south of the city, characterized by being full of incredible places to be discovered by hikers. Specifically, we are located to the southwest of the Madrid community, right on the border with the provinces of Toledo and Ávila, in the municipality of Cenicientos.

Set in the entire eastern end of the Tiétar valley, full of amazing views of the Sierra de Gredos, Cenicientos is a municipality full of surprises. It has interesting points such as the Encinar de la Parra or the Peña de Cenicientos. You can discover these sites full of history, like the Written Stone, a natural granite monolith on which Roman statements rest, or visit a Visigothic necropolis. All this allows it to be one of the hiking routes in Madrid to do with children, especially for how easy it is.

10. Country House

Country House, Madrid

Even for those who are used to visiting this area frequently, they never stop discovering new and interesting corners of the place. Casa de Campo is one of the largest areas of the city, so It is presented as the perfect setting to venture into new places to discover.

Indeed, the Casa de Campo is more than a green area of ​​Madrid. It is a spacious natural territory, which houses a series of tourist attractions. Among them, a playground, the Puente de la Culebra, bunkers and trenches dating from the Civil War, and even some special trees from the Community of Madrid. This is a summary of Casa de Campo, which has a great history and natural spaces that lend themselves to leisure and sports.

For his part, It has one of the easiest hiking routes in Madrid, because there are no unevennesses or major difficulties.. In other words, it is an ideal surface for taking children and the family, or for those beginners in the world of hiking. Another of its advantages for beginners is that its route is circular, so it is unlikely that you will get lost.

What do you think of the best hiking trails in Madrid? In each of them you will find corners full of history and tradition, which are a sample of the cultural wealth that Spain has. For this reason, it is one of the ideal countries for hikers, because its enormous number of routes attract those who practice this type of activity. Let us know in the comments if you know of another path we should add!