The 10 cleanest countries in the world

Researchers from the universities of Yale and Columbia They made a list called the Environmental Performance Index. The score was based on the quality of indicators such as the one with the water, airgreenhouse gas emissions and the effects of the environment in population health.

1._Iceland: It is the cleanest country in the worldgetting a score of 93.5. It has a large reserve of clean water, the number of protected natural areas, the possession of a good national health system and a quantity of geothermal power, usually clean.

two._Swiss is in second place with a population of 7.6 million inhabitants. This territory got a perfect score of 100 in the forestry sector, water quality and biodiversity and habitat. However, like most industrialized nationstheir lowest score was in air pollution.

3._Costa Rica has a score of 86.4 and with 4.5 million inhabitants, and has large natural extensions, has dense forests, abundant water and wildlife. It bases its economy on a robust ecotourism industry that benefits from government and private actions that have been taken to protect biodiversity. .

4._Sweden with a score of 86is known as a green country, with an abundance of forests, exuberant vegetation, plains, lakes and archipelagos.

5._ Norway is in fifth place with 81.1 score, has a population of 4.7 million inhabitants. This country is characterized by its impressive natural wealth, it is the owner of vast underwater reserves of oil and natural gas. Its climate is considered very cold, since a third of its territory is located in glacial areas.

6._Mauricio got 80.6 points. It is an island country located in the southwestern Indian Ocean, 900 kilometers from the eastern coast of Madagascar. Its isolation is beneficial for Mauricio, because it helps keep pollution down.

7._France with a score of 78.2 It is the most populated nation on this list, it currently has 62 million inhabitants, it obtains this site due to the high quality of the air and water, as well as its fishing management.

8._Austria has a score of 78.1 and a current population of 8.3 million. This nation got the maximum score of 100 in biome protection.

9._Cuba got a score of 78.1 in the Environmental Performance index. Cuba currently has 11.3 million inhabitants and is considered among the cleanest because it has the highest levels of public health, which would mean almost universal access to sanitation services and drinking water.

10._Colombia only got 76.8 score, has 44 million inhabitants, although it is the poorest country on the list; That does not prevent it from positioning itself among the privileged places of the cleanest nations. Colombia is located in this select and clean club largely because the country’s economy is strongly tied to agricultural production such as coffee, flowers and fruits. The country maintains high-quality cultivation techniques for its land and environment, obtaining a score of 99.9 in the category of land crops.