The 10 Curiosities about sleep

Sleep1. Blind people dream: Those who have lost sight after birth can see images in their dreams. And people who are born blind, also dream even if they do not see images, their dreams are just as vivid and involve more their other senses such as smell, touch and sound. It is difficult for a person who can see to imagine this, but the body’s need for sleep is so strong that it is capable of handling virtually all physical situations for this to happen.

2. We forget 90% of our dreams: In the first 5 minutes after waking up, you forget half of your dream, and after only 10 minutes, 90% of the dream is gone.

The poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, woke up one morning after having a fantastic dream, and set out to write his “dream vision” in what would become one of the most famous poems: Kubla Khan. But he was interrupted, Coleridge tried to continue the poem but couldn’t remember the rest of his dream, and the poem was never finished.

Curiously, the story of Doctor Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde came to Robert Louis Stevenson through a dream, and there are more writers who have said this, it is also said that Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein was born from a dream she had.

3. everyone dreams: All humans dream (except in cases of extreme psychological disorder) but men and women have different dreams and physical reactions. Men tend to dream more about other men, while women dream about men and women equally.

4. Dreams prevent psychosis:
Recent studies have shown that people who are awakened just as they begin to dream, but still get their 8 hours of sleep, experience concentration difficulties, irritability, hallucinations, and signs of psychosis after only 3 days.

5. We only dream about what we know:
It is natural that in our dreams they are full of strangers that are part of our dream, however your mind does not invent their faces, they are faces of real people that we have known throughout our lives, but that we do not remember.
So the evil killer from your last dream could be the person you saw at the gas station years ago. We have all seen hundreds and hundreds of faces throughout our lives, so our mind has endless characters that it uses during our dreams.

6. Not everyone dreams in color: About 12% of people dream only in black and white. The rest dreams in color.
All people tend to dream about things in common, situations related to school, being chased, running slow somewhere, falling, being late, teeth falling out, flying, etc.
It is unknown if dreams related to violence or death have a stronger emotional charge on people who dream in color versus people who dream only in black and white.

7. Dreams are not what they are about:
If your dream is about a particular thing, it is not always about that.
Dreams speak in a deeply symbolic language. The unconscious mind tries to compare your dream with something else similar to it; It is like in a poem that says “the group of ants is like a machine that never stops”. I mean you would never compare it to the meaning of that line, against for example, “That beautiful sunset is like that beautiful sunset.” So regardless of the symbol that your dreams choose, it is unlikely that it refers to its simple meaning than to something symbolic.

8. People who have quit smoking have more vivid dreams: People who have smoked for a long time and have quit report much more vivid dreams than normal.
Furthermore, according to the Journal of Abnormal Psychology:

Of about 293 smokers abstinent between 1 and 4 weeks, 33% reported having had at least one smoking-related dream. In most of the dreams they saw themselves smoking and felt negative emotions such as panic and guilt. These dreams of smoking were the result of abstinence, 97% of the subjects had not had a dream where they smoked before the abstinence, likewise, and their incidence was more significant according to the duration of the period without smoking that they had. .

9. External stimuli invade our dreams:
This is known as Dream Incorporation and it is the experience that surely many have had, when a real sound is somehow incorporated into what we dream about, personally it happens a lot to me since I sleep with music, and there have been countless Sometimes there is a song in my dreams and when I wake up I realize that specifically that song was playing.

10. You are paralyzed while dreaming: Unbelievable though it may be, your body is paralyzed during sleep, this is to prevent your body from performing the actions of your dreams, according to an article on sleep on Wikipedia:

Some glands begin to secrete a hormone that helps induce sleep, and your neurons send signals to the spinal cord that cause the body to relax and later become essentially paralyzed.

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