The 10 Longest Rivers in the World

Now I have compiled a list of the longest rivers in the world, according to the lengths of the rivers that I have found. (To see the images in their real size, click on it)
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1. Amazon (7,020 km) : It is a great South American river, and it is the longest river on the planet and it transports only one fifth of the river water on the planet. Tour the largest humid tropical forest on the planet, distinguished by the generic name of Amazonia or Amazon jungle, one of the natural wonders of the world. Most concentrate on Brazil, but it reaches Colombia, Bolivia and Peru. More information here.

Amazon River

Amazon River Map

2. Nile (6,671 km) : It has historically been considered the longest river in the world, however recent studies give this category to the Amazon River. It is located northeast of Africa. From its main source, Lake Victoria in central Africa, the Nile River flows into the Mediterranean Sea through Uganda, Sudan, and Egypt.

River Map Nile

Nile river

3. yangzi (6,380 km) : The Yangtze River is the longest river in Asia and the third longest in the world, after the Nile and the Amazon. Is found in China. The river originates in the Qinghai Plateau and Tibet, and flows in an easterly direction, crossing Chinese provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities, ending up in the East China Sea.

yangzi river

Yangzi River Map

Four. Mississippi–Missouri River (6,270 km) : It is a river of USA. It is the largest river system in North America. Its source is Itasca Lake, in Itasca Park in the northern part of Minnesota. The Mississippi passes through ten US states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee, Mississippi, and Louisiana. It empties into a large delta in the Gulf of Mexico approximately 100 miles downstream from the city of New Orleans.

River Map Mississippi

Mississppi river

5. Yellow River or Huang He (5,464 km) : It is the second longest river in China, second only to the Yangtze (Blue) River. The river rises on the high plateau of Tibet and Qinghai, in the Kunlu Mountains, at an altitude of about 4,500 m. From there it crosses the Chinese provinces of Qinghai and Gansu, moving north to the Ordos desert in the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. It empties from a delta into the Bohai Gulf (Yellow Sea), on the eastern coast of China.

River Map Yellow

yellow River

6. Obi (5,410 km) : It is located in Western Siberia, Russia. Being thus the longest in the country and the second longest in Asia. It is born in the Altai mountains (in central Asia) at the confluence of the Biya and Katun rivers and flows into the Arctic Ocean, in the Gulf of Ob.

obi river

River Map Obi

7. Amur (4,410 km) : Flows northeast of Asia along more than 4,410 km from the mountains of northwest China to the Sea of ​​Okhotsk (near Nikolayevsk-na-Amure), in Russia. It is very mighty and crosses different climates (desert, steppe, tundra, and taiga). Strictly speaking, the Amur measures 2,874 km after the union of two other rivers: Shilka and Argun.

Amur River Map

Amur River

8. Congo (4,380 km) : It is the largest river in Central Africa. It has a length of 4,380 km, which makes it the second longest in Africa (after the Nile). The Congo Basin covers an area of ​​3,700,000 km². The river and its tributaries run through the second largest jungle in the world, after the Amazon. The Congo is also the second largest river in the world after the Amazon River, with approximately 41,300 cubic meters per second. The upper course of this river is called Lualaba.

Congo River Map

Congo River

9. Firewood (4,260 km) : From the 1,640 m altitude of its origin in the Baikal Mountains, south of the Central Plateau Siberian20 km west of Lake Baikal, the Lena flows northwest, and is joined by the Kirenga and Vitim. It flows to the southwest of the New Siberian Islands, forming a delta with a surface area of ​​10,800 m2, crossed by seven main branches, the most important being the Bylov, the most eastern.

River Map Lena

Lena River

10. mackenzie (river) (4,240 km) : It is a river of Canada, 1,738 km long, which, together with the rivers that flow into Great Slave Lake, Peace and Finlay, form the second longest river system in North America. Its hydrographic basin covers 1,805,200 square kilometers and at its mouth it leaves 9,700 cubic meters of water in the sea per second.

Mackenzie River Map

Mackenzie River Photography