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The 10 most curious beards in the world (Photos)

Although the following beards that we show in the photographs are not taken from the contest of the Best Beard in the World -except for one, that of David Traver, who was the world champion of beards and mustaches in 2009- even so, they are so rare that one does not even know I imagined that someone could sport those unusual beards. Ready to see them?

1) Monkey tail beard, coiled

2) Pac Man Beard

3) Braided beard, by David Traver, champion of the best beard in 2009

4) Halo Beard

5) Embroidered beard. More information and photos in: The new beard fashion for this winter

6) Octopus-style beard with eight tentacles

7) Abundant beard, don’t you think?

8) The beard forms a path until it reaches the chest

9) Frost Beard

10) The longest beard in the world belongs to Sarwan Singh and is 2.36 meters long

What did you think? Which one did you like the most?

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