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The 10 most curious facts about Drake & Josh

Now it is the turn of the Drake & Josh series, a very funny series about two very different stepbrothers who are always stalked by their younger sister, who, despite her age, is very smart and advanced. The curious facts that we will show below are data that occur within the series, therefore if you are a fan of this, you have probably noticed some.

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1 In the episode “Number 1 Fan”, Wendy shows Megan the autograph that Drake gave her, when Megan turns the sheet over, the photo of Frankie Muñiz is seen; and in very small text she says “Malcolm in the middle.”

2 In “Drake & Josh go to Hollywood” Josh on the laptop has a video of Drake singing, that video is from an episode of Zoey 101.

3 In the episode “Eric Beats Up Drake”, when Josh wants to take a picture of his house of cards he sings the song “None of this was a mistake” which is interpreted by Coti, Paulina Rubio and Julieta Venegas.

4 In the episode “Drake and Josh” (pilot episode), Walter tells Drake that Josh does know how to play basketball, but in the episode “Grandma”, Josh shows that he doesn’t know how to play basketball, and in “My Dinner with Bobo » When Josh goes looking for his car keys, he is dressed as if he were going to play basketball, he even has a ball in his hands.

5 In the episode “Number 1 Fan”, when Drake is at the radio station, it is clearly seen that his guitar has 12 keys, but when he returns home to sing to Wendy, it is seen that his guitar only has 6.

6 In the episode “A Helicopter Ride” the pilot tells Drake the rules for jumping out of the helicopter and then adds: I wrote them in English so you understand, and Drake tells him: but we speak Spanish. In the English version he says stand, pray, lay, aahhhhh, touchdown and Drake says that if you read the initials of each word he says SPLAT, squashed in Spanish.

7 In several episodes, Josh says that as a child he liked to go camping and that he learned many things there, but in the episode “Number One Fan”, he clearly says: “- The truth is that I hate camping, I’m claustrophobic -“.

8 Drake Bell and Josh Peck were already friends before they made the series, just as Nancy Sullivan had already met Drake and Josh on The Amanda Show.

9 There have been several times that the last name of Dan Schneider (the creator) has appeared as in the episode “Calling Doctor Drake” the hospital is called “”St. Schneider’s Hospital»»; In the episode “”Drake & Josh Inn”” the hotel where the parents are is called Schneider’s Hotel; and in the episode “Tree House” Megan says, “Daddy and Mommy went to dinner with the Schneiders.” Next to the Premier cinemas there is a bakery called “Schneider’s Bakery”, sometimes listed as “Schneider’s Pizza”.

10 In the episode “A Helicopter Adventure” the helicopter was called Schneider’s 9065 and when Drake
try to drive the helicopter the Control Tower says: «Control Tower to chopper 9065» and you see the radio and above it said Schnedier’s helicopter 9065.

As you noticed there is a lot of data that we could realize if we carefully observe the screen. Do you know any other information from this series that we have not written here?

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