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The 10 most curious wedding cakes (Photos)

The wedding cake is an emblem of the nuptial alliance and is shared with the guests, thanking them for their presence and sweetening their palates. Nevertheless, the typical white cake with the bride and groom on the tip is no longer a rule and it has gone out of style. fashion is innovation. So we present a list of the 10 most curious wedding cakes:

1) The bride became the cake. They made a replica of it.

two) They get married even if nobody wants to, subliminal message?

3) A Super Mario Bros. style cake. Mario finally marries Peah!

4) This looks more like a hamburger than a wedding cake, but hey, it’s very respectable, it’s your wedding, isn’t it?

5) In Mario Kart style, the details are so precise, that my congratulations to whoever made this cake. Very original.

6) It seems to me that the bride and groom are lovers of diving. That cake is a work of art… don’t you think?

7) oops! And the head of the bride and groom, a great dragon has eaten them! I think those boyfriends are passionate about dragons.

8) This one is more romantic! Which version do you like more? The girlfriend who asks for help, or the boyfriend who goes up to reach his girlfriend?

9) Oh! I think the bride was a little overweight… and below we see the announcement of Slim FastTo lose weight.

10) And finally… For lack of money, he went to the store to stock up on marinela penguins, submarines and chocorroles. Very good idea if you don’t have money for the wedding cake, don’t you think?

Now tell us, which one did you like the most? Which one would you wear to your wedding?

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