The 10 richest fictional characters in the world

Once again Forbes makes a list of the richest in the world, but now it is about richer fictional characters, unreal people, who have a great fortune, made in the current value of their money, which they have accumulated according to what they are dedicated

1. Warbucks, Oliver ‘Dad’

Oliver WarbucksNet worth: $36.2 billion
Source: Defense Industries
Age: 52
Marital status: Divorced, one child
Hometown: New York, New York.
Education: SUNY Stony Creek, BS

Former general in the US Armed Forces and defense industry contractor, a comic book character made wealthy by the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Warbucks Industries is the world’s largest selling pumps leading producer.

2. Burns, C. Montgomery

Burns, C. MontgomeryNet worth: $16.8 billion
Source: Energy
Age: 104
Marital Status: Single, a bastard child Hometown: Springfield, USA.
Education: Yale University, B.S.

He is the owner of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant and rose to fortune after announcing “the change of technology” with North Korean leader Kim Jong Il. He only cares about accumulating wealth even if he doesn’t even have a friend. By the way, he is the employer of Homer Simpson.

3. McDuck(Duck), Scrooge:

mcduck scroogeNet worth: $10.9 billion
Sources: Mining, Treasure Hunting
Age: 80
marital status: single
Hometown: Duckburg, USA.
Education: Cluck U., exit

The Rumor Center-Duckburg Tower Office McDuck holds the world’s largest collection of gold coins. What he likes to do the most is swim over the pool of coins, hidden in his vault. The fortune has benefited from rising gold prices and the Duckburg real estate boom.

4. Ricon, Richie:

Ricon, RichieNet worth: $10.7 billion
Source: Heritage, Conglomerates
Age: 10
marital status: single
Hometown: Richville, USA.
Education: Richville Elementary

The leveraged and impostor buying tycoon son “rich little poor boy” stepped up efforts to give away the father’s fortunes. Gold solid built school in Indonesia; purchased emerald-studded necks for homeless monkeys in India, among others.

5.Clampett, Jed:

Clampett, JedNet worth: $7.7 billion
Source: Oil and gas, Banking
Age: 51
Marital status: Widowed, a child
Hometown: Beverly Hills, California.
Education: Ozark Elementary, exit

Tough year for Clampett clan: Cousin Jethro, executive VP of Clampett Oil’s Russian operations, jailed in February over tax evasion charges. He dies Clampett’s beloved hound, named Duke, in August, from suspected poisoning.

6. Mr Monopoly:

mr monopolyNet Worth: $7.1 Billion Source: Real Estate
Age: 71
marital status: single
Hometown: Atlantic City, NJ
Education: University of Pennsylvania, BA

Real estate magnate also known as Rich Uncle Pennybags stands in Fictional 15 for the first time after the lucky odds series.Also made general repairs to hotels on Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois Avenues.

7.Wayne, Bruce:

Wayne, BruceNet worth: $6.8 billion
Source: Legacy, Defense
Age: 32
marital status: single
Hometown: Gotham City, USA.

His fortune rose like the government with Wayne’s artifacts bought to combat alien invasion. His parents were shot to death when he was 8 years old, returned to Gotham at the age of 25, he assumed control of Wayne Enterprises.

8.Tony Stark:

Tony StarkNet worth: $3.0 billion
Source: Defense
Age: 35
marital status: single
Hometown: New York, New York.
Education: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BS

The family business was passed down to him at the age of 21 after his parents died in a car accident due to faulty brakes. The armed superhero “Iron Man” is the personal bodyguard and corporate mascot.

9. Prince Abakaliki of Nigeria:

Prince Abakaliki of NigeriaNet worth: $2.8 billion
Source: Telecommunications
Age: 37
marital status: single
Hometown: Lagos, Nigeria
Education: Yaba College of Technology, BS

The prince has a broadband Internet connection and keeps the countless emails they send to complete the strangers whom he hopes will cooperate with him in a mutual transaction. To which he paid 30% of the 50,000,000 dollars for his services.

10. Thurston Howell III:

Thurston Howell IINet worth: $2.7 billion
Source: Howell Industries
Age: 60
Marital status: Married, no children
Hometown: The Private Island, South Pacific
Education: Harvard University, BA

Howell Industries was inherited in 1955. The acquisition binge continued, expanding into plastics, chemicals, concrete. Bamboo hobby of the mid-1960s successfully exploited with bamboo fishing poles, golf clubs, etc. Howell widely feared being renowned for ruthless tactics despite polished demeanor and humble manner.