The 10 Webs that you should not visit if you do not want to waste time

No one doubts the great utility of the Internet: infinite sources of information, entertainment, and socialization, within the reach of anyone with a computer and a connection. However, it can also be a black hole in which time disappears and flies. Terra – Tecnoligia, has made a list of websites that you should not visit if you are working or studying

I have listed the 10 websites that waste your time the most.

Google Earth1.Google Earth: Ahh yes, I am already seeing that you will tell me that it is a tremendously educational utility and full of wisdom, but Google Earth is also one of the most elaborate and sneaky time-robbing traps that exist. You start looking for your house and you end up discovering that lost creek in Kansas that is shaped like a horseshoe.

If we couple all this with the fact that you can find countless sites entered by users, and even a good collection of games related to the software, the impact on work capacity can be worrying.

Danger waste of time: High or tall

sled game2. the sleigh game: Drawing the slope of a mountain with a pencil may not seem like a hobby that gets us hooked, but if we then let a little doll on a snow sled slide down our slope to see how he hits it a thousand times, things change .
Make it drop, jump, reverse, with maps as big as your imagination. It is a trial and error exercise, but one of those that we can do without knowing that the minutes and hours are passing. Line Rider is wildly addictive, beware!

Danger waste of time: High or tall

Ms Dewey3. Ms Dewey: A seeker already has danger in itself: you look for one thing, you relate it to another, and you keep looking. But if the search engine also answers you in the body of an attractive woman with a sense of humor, you can spend hours looking for things to see what answers you. Ms Dewey is in Very High danger if you know English.

Loss of time danger: High or Very High

game flickr4.Fastr: game flickr: It’s not that it’s the most worked game in history, but Fastr is one of those things that hook you and you don’t know why. Well, actually you don’t wonder because you’re too busy trying to figure out what the images on your screen have in common.

That’s what this game based on the Flickr free photo galleries page is about, knowing what label users have entered their images. Some are very easy, but others tremendously far-fetched.

Loss of time danger: Very High

Youtube5. Youtube: The hell of the productive worker, the web par excellence to spend hours, hours, and more hours watching videos of all kinds, which can go from the castings of Star Wars to a cat (absolute protagonists of home videos) with a sleepy face or wanting to chat. The enormous amount of videos it has means that we can spend entire days and months viewing content without even reaching a fraction of the total offer.
Square petanque6. The square petanque: Throwing little squares at different areas of the screen may never become an Olympic sport, but hey, they call chess a sport and they don’t do anti-doping controls. Having said this nonsense, we let you waste time in a more fun way. That is, visiting the square petanque.
Series Intros7. How did that series start?: If you want to remember those times when to NOT be productive you didn’t need a computer, but simply a television, now you can… yes, with a computer. Thanks to Wakai, you will be able to see the opening sequences of all the series that you didn’t miss when you were little (and some that you didn’t even know about).
entertaining ball8. So simple that it hooks. Let’s see, it’s about making, thanks to gravity, a little ball get from one point on the screen to another, drawing the path for it. It sounds easy right? It is. But it is also tremendously addictive. It is not for nothing that people have entertained themselves by doing more than 100 levels so that you lose as much time as they do. That being said, help the little ball
blogosphere9. The Blogosphere: What’s so special about a site where anyone can talk about anything? That if you get lost, you will have visited 40 different blogs, since apart from being able to find true jewels in the form of stories, opinions, photos, etc., the blogosphere has the peculiarity that everything is intertwined, and it is normal to find links to other blogs that convert what was going to be a one-off visit on a discovery trip through dozens of blogs and, of course, a sovereign waste of time.

Although if you use time well and limiting yourself only to your objective you will gain time and if you do not waste your time. Even so, I recommend that you visit the blogs of

ebay10. ebay: An auction website to waste time? What if I don’t want to buy anything? The answer: You will. Once you dive into the Ebay universe it’s too late to say you’ll walk out with nothing. Just by looking for a thousand and one things “to see if they auction it off” you will lose several hours.
And if you want to bid on something, you are lost, since you will look to see if you can get it, and if not, you will wait day after day for another object that interests you to come out.