The 11 Best Accommodations in Nazareth

There are many accommodations in Nazareth. Something that is logical, considering that this destination is very important within the routes and circuits of religious tourism in Israel. There are many travelers from all over the world who come here and, therefore, the city has an interesting hotel offer. So, to guide you through it, we are going to recommend some places to stay.

Accommodation in Nazareth for all tastes and pockets

The order of the accommodations in Nazareth that we are going to present to you has nothing to do with their quality. We are going to try to present a wide catalog and that includes different categories. Thus, whatever your budget, you will have a good lodging reference for your trip to this city in the Holy Land.

1. Antique Hostel

We are going to start with one of the economic options among the accommodations in Nazareth. It is the Albergue Antique, quite central. We are talking about the typical hotel for travelerswhere an attentive and very friendly staff awaits you.

2. Rimomin Mary’s Well Nazareth Hotel

Now we go to another of the accommodations in Nazareth with a medium price. This is the Rimomin Mary’s Well Nazareth Hotel, which also has an excellent location in the heart of the Old City.

3. Al-Mutran Guest House

If what you are looking for is something more independent during your stay, then your option must be an aparthotel. A type of accommodation that is also very present among accommodation in Nazareth, for example, in Al-Mutran Guest House.

4. Ramada Nazareth

This other hotel, a little further from the center, is a leap in category. The Ramada Nazareth it is an excellent option for gourmet travelers. If this is your case and you travel to Israel in the hot summer, we recommend this place, where you can enjoy a refreshing pool.

5. Fauzi Azar by Abraham Hostels

We return to the category of hotel, very abundant among the lodgings in Nazareth. While it is true that this type of accommodation here is of great quality. A good sample is the Fauzi Azar by Abraham Hostels, located in a historic building in the Old City.

6. Nazareth Hostel Al Nabaa

Another good example of the great quality of the hostels in Nazareth is this case. Here, under the guise of a modest house, you enjoy the most pleasant and homely accommodation. In it you can even enjoy a patio for breakfast.

7. Golden Crown Nazareth Hotel

On the other hand, if you are looking for a concept closer to classic hotels, you should know that you will also find them among the accommodations in Nazareth. For example, the Golden Crown Nazareth Hotel. It is further from the center, but its five stars guarantee you a high quality service.

8. Mary’s House

Cheaper, more modest and smaller is this other hotel called Casa de Maria. But the truth is that the modernity of the facilities, both in the rooms and in the common spaces, is a remarkable feature and, therefore, it is worthy of being recommended.

9. Panagia of Nazareth

Another variant in accommodation in Nazareth are the apartments. The possibilities in this sector are many, but here we want to mention the Panagia of Nazareth. An ideal place if you travel with family and the Holy Land is traveled by car, since it has parking.

10. B&B Numa Emek

Also for those who have a vehicle there is the option of not contracting their stay in the accommodation in Nazareth. It is about choosing a nearby town, thus being able to save some money. Here is an idea, the Bed & Breakfast Numa Emek, located 18 kilometers from the city.

Legacy Nazareth

However, we want to end these proposals for accommodation in Nazareth by mentioning one of the hotels most valued by travelers. It is the Legacy Nazareth, located a stone’s throw from the Old City. He has great grades. by all its guests, regardless of their origin.

If you are planning to travel to the Holy Land, now you already have clues to be able to stay in this historic city of Israel. So it’s up to you to choose!

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