The 4 best tours and excursions to visit Amsterdam

The Dutch capital is a city that many tourists visit in a weekend or three days. Between canals, bicycles and monuments we can get to know it almost completely in one getaway. If you are one of those very organized people or who prefer excursions to get to know a city, keep reading. We are going to visit Amsterdam and discover it following different routes.

Visit Amsterdam following different paths

1. Historic Amsterdam

Dam Square – Photos593 /

This tour starts at the famous Dam Square, where the city was founded in the 13th century and today the center of Amsterdam. The most emblematic buildings that surround it are the Royal Palace, the New Church and the Obelisk, in honor of those who fell in World War II.

From there head to the oldest neighborhood where the Ouderkerk church is, on the outskirts of the well-known Red Light District. Then continue walking to De Waag, with the remains of the medieval wall and a past that includes the occasional macabre event.

The next destination is the Jewish Quarter, where the Rembrandt House and the Waterloopein Flea Market are located.

2. Cultural Amsterdam


Tours can be very different in Amsterdam. There are those that take you to the typical places or to other unknown but charming places, it all depends on what you are looking for.

This second alternative allows you to explore the city by bike or on foot, as you prefer. It also starts from Dam Square (because it is the heart of the city). First walk through the historic center, which is surrounded by canals as if they were a ring.

Later get to know the Van Gogh museums, the Rijksmuseum and the Anne Frank House. After these visits (which will take several hours) you can go to the beautiful flower market, the Waterloopein flea market and end the day resting quietly in a cafe in the Red Light District.

3. A walk through the canals

Amsterdam – S. Borisov

The Dutch capital has been nicknamed “Venice of the North”. This is due to its dozens of channels that border and cross it. For this reason, one of the activities that you cannot miss when visiting Amsterdam is taking a boat ride. From the canals you will enjoy the city from a different and most idyllic perspective.

During the tour, which can be done both day and night (everything depends on your itinerary), you will see the typical houseboats. The main canals of the city are Herengracht, Prinsengracht and Keizersgracht. The walks are more or less an hour and in some cases guides are offered in Spanish.


“There is no trip that does not change something.”

-David Mitchell-

4. Amsterdam in two days

Finally, we offer you a perfect idea if you are going to visit Amsterdam for just one weekend. If you arrive on Friday afternoon or night, once you have left your bags at the hotel, head to the aforementioned Dam Square to see it illuminated. Then cross the canal along Damstraat to the Red Light District, where you can dine and stroll.


The next day start very early to visit the Anne Frank House (Reserve your ticket well in advance). Then take the Prinsengracht to the Westerkerk church, with its 85-meter tower, perfect for seeing Amsterdam from above. Follow Prinsengracht and then Nieuwe Westerdokstraat to Central Station (boats depart from there).

Take a walk through the canals and at the end it reaches Oudekerk (church dating from 1302). On the same street is the Amstelkring Museum. Cross the canal and through the Red Light District to go to the Rembrandt House Museum. On the street, visit the Mercado de las Flores and then Plaza Spui for a coffee. To end the day, you can go to the Begjinhof area with its elegant houses and the Leidseplein Square.

For the second day we suggest you visit the two most important museums in the city: Van Gogh and the Rijksmuseum, the latter with a magnificent collection of paintings from the Dutch Golden Age. If you have some time left, you can take a walk in the Vondelpark or perhaps visit the Heineken brewery.

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