The 5 best beaches to visit in Croatia

Discovering the best beaches in Croatia during the summer holidays is one of the recommendations.

Throughout the holidays it is interesting to enjoy with the best Croatian beachesa quite outstanding country that is worth it for its natural areas, temperatures and is also an excellent destination for its gastronomic options that tourists who come on vacation like so much.

Spiaza beach

Spiaza beach is one of Susak’s recommendationsThe spiaza beach It is one of the recommendations to take into account to enjoy a complete vacation with your partner or family. It is located on the island of Susak, a natural area that can be reached by ferry. It is well worth it because it is located in a quiet place and is perfect for resting and taking a bath.

Bacvice beach

It is worth noting the bacvice beachwhich is located in Split. It is a very interesting city and its beach is quite popular with national and foreign families. It is perfect for sunbathing, water sports, among other alternatives.

Queen’s Beach

The queen beach It is one of the most interesting to visit in Nin, a quite pleasant destination to take into account during the summer holidays. Highlight the great views of the Velebit mountains, which is one of the most spectacular landscapes.

Kvarner beach

The kvarner beach is an excellent option to enjoy the best vacations in Croatia. It is located on the famous island of Cres. It is attractive to see the old fortified city called Lubenice, ideal for lovers of medieval constructions. The crystal clear waters and white sand are two of the most outstanding features.

Betina Cave Beach

In the city of dubrovnik From Croatia it is interesting to know the Betina Cave beach, an appealing place for being a natural cave. You can enjoy the best views and sunbathe during the holidays, have a picnic and take a ride on the water taxi that offers the service to visitors.

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