The 5 best destinations to enjoy in spring

There are some highly recommended destinations to consider for your upcoming spring break.

Now that spring has begun, it is a good time to enjoy reference destinations to be able to travel both as a couple and as a family, getting to know countries from different continents. Since National Geographic Travel They have just made a list of the best destinations to enjoy during the spring and some of them are worth highlighting.


Japan is one of the recommended destinations to enjoy during springJapan continues to be one of those classic places to enjoy now during the spring, to discover its gastronomic traditions that surprise tourists so much and also to get to know its traditional temples, as well as big cities like Osaka or Tokyowhich are landmarks.


Within the American continent we find Panama as one of the great recommendations to enjoy its historical attractions, the possibility of discovering nature, as well as spending a sun and beach holiday, which is also another of the great incentives offered in spring. The Pearl Islands is one of those desirable places.


A classic among the recommendations for Travellers It is still Peru, a country that surprises all tourists who know Machu Picchu, but it also offers gastronomic variety and many truly magical corners where you can discover traditions and also historical aspects when walking the streets of its main cities.

Seychelles island

A place of reference for being a natural paradise is that of Seychelles island, a spectacular area for couples to enjoy a very complete spring with complete peace of mind. Its good climate and its spectacular beaches are some of the many incentives to take into account when making a trip.


Now in spring it is good to keep Colombia in mind as a highly recommended destination, a country where culture is present in its large cities such as Bogotá or
Cartagena de Indias, where you can take walks through emblematic neighborhoods and discover the gastronomic variety that is offered to all visitors.

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