The 5 best museums in Budapest

Budapest offers great experiences to tourists thanks to the museums that can be visited.

The Hungarian city of Budapest offers different museums that are highly emblematic such as the House of Terror or the Museum of Fine Arts, but there are other places that are highly recommended during a visit to this exciting European capital.

Budapest Historical Museum

The Historical Museum of Budapest offers a very interesting experience to discover on vacationThe Budapest Historical Museum It is an interesting alternative to consider, a place where you can see a wide collection of documents and objects related to the history of this great city. It offers a collection related to archaeology, from medieval times and from modern times. It is located in the E building of the Buda Castle Palace. It also offers a library with very important files.

Vasarely Museum

He too Vasareli Museum in Budapest it is excellent to be able to learn much more about the works of Victor Vasarely, who was one of the great artists of Hungary. In this way you can see his works independently since previously they could be seen in the Museum of Fine Arts. It is located in one of the dependencies of the Zichy Castle.

Miniversum Museum

Miniversum It is a very interesting museum in Budapest that is worth it. It allows you to see different attractive places in Hungary, Austria and Germany in miniature. It is offered at a scale of 1:100 with respect to the original size, in addition to being able to see different interactive screens to see photographs of real sites. The recreation is quite complete and with very significant details such as sound, movement, people, buildings.

Institute of History and Military Museum

The Institute of History and Military Museum It is a very interesting place that was founded in 1918. It allows tourists to enjoy a series of both temporary and permanent exhibitions. It has a series of objects from different museums and that are part of the war history of Hungary. In total there are 50,000 objects such as pistols, machine guns, medals, books, photographs, among other objects.

Hospital de la Roca Museum

Highly recommended is the Hospital de la Roca Museum or nuclear bunker. It had previously been an emergency hospital and is located in the Buda Castle neighborhood that was used during World War II. It offers an exhibition of wax figures of different personalities, as well as offering a collection of old utensils and appliances.

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