The 5 Best Museums to Visit in Austin

In Austin you can enjoy different museums for art lovers, museums for children, among others.

A destination of USA where culture is very present is in the city of Austin, within the state of Texas. For lovers of cultural options, there is nothing better than discovering its different museums in this city, interesting so that the whole family can spend a truly pleasant and complete stay.

Blanton Museum of Art

An essential visit in Austin is the Blanton Museum of ArtIn Austin one of the prominent museums is the Blanton Museum of Art for art lovers. It is a place where a wide collection is offered with a total of 18,000 pieces, made up of different engravings, drawings, paintings and sculptures. Works from different eras stand out, such as European art before 1900, Latin American, modern, contemporary art, Western American art, among others.

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Museum

highlight the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum, an Austin museum that houses some 40 million pages of historical documents. It was inaugurated in 1971 and offers visitors different temporary exhibitions as well as a permanent exhibition where you can see historical objects related to President Johnson throughout his term.

Kid’s museum

The Thinkery or formerly known as Kid’s museum is another alternative in Austin. The museum allows you to enjoy experiences related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics, so that children and adults can enjoy different activities inside the museum.

Elizabeth Ney Museum

The Elizabeth Ney Museum It is another of the cultural alternatives. It stands out that it is located inside a construction dating from the 19th century and offers a vision of the life and work of the sculptor Elisabet Ney, who is one of the most emblematic artists in the area. We find personal objects of the artist such as sculptures and medallions. Highlight some sculptures of characters such as Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth, William Jennings Bryan, as well as portraits of Garibaldi, Otto von Bismarck, among others.

Texas Memorial Museum

It is very interesting to know the Texas Memorial Museum, which is located on the campus of the University of Texas. It allows you to discover different collections related to the history, anthropology, geography and ethnography of the state. It is divided into the Biodiversity Room, the Geology and Paleontology Room to learn more about dinosaurs, the Wildlife Room to learn about Texas species, among other rooms.

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