The 5 Best Things to Do in Harlem

Harlem is a well-known neighborhood in New York, one of the iconic sites that is well worth knowing.

One of the mythical neighborhoods of USA It is Harlem, which is located in the northern part of Manhattan within the city of New York and is usually one of the most attractive alternatives for tourists. It was a neighborhood founded by the Dutch in the 17th century and it has been a place where the influx of African-Americans has been really important.

The Morris-Jumel Mansion is one of the most famous and impressive in New YorkA highly suggestive visit is the one that can be made to discover the Morris-Jumel mansion. It is a construction that dates from the 18th century and it was a British colonel who gave it its name. Although today it is used to host cultural and educational events, the truth is that great figures such as George Washington stayed here.

It is recommended to know the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine, a construction that has not yet been completed. It is an Anglican church, the largest in the world. The design is really a mix between Renaissance, Byzantine and Romanesque. It is unfinished due to a fire that took place in 2001 and currently has very important elements such as a Gothic nave and the largest rose window in the United States.

More recommended visits

Another option to enjoy this neighborhood is the Neighborhood Museum, one of Harlem’s star museums. It is a place where an attempt is made to honor the heritage of the communities that have lived and live in this neighborhood, especially the Latino community. We can see different works of art by Latino artists, you can discover more about Caribbean culture and go to art exhibitions, film screenings and books on Latin American culture.

In the neighborhood we met the Ristoranti Settepani, one of the best restaurants in New York for lovers of the best gourmet food. It is a spectacular place to enjoy classic and delicious Italian recipes. In addition to the best Italian dishes, it is interesting to highlight the gastronomic offer from other parts of the world and with influences from the people who live in this neighborhood.

The historic downtown harlem It is one of the essential visits, a place where we find classic buildings such as the Apollo theater. It is a famous place because of the great performances of The Supremes or Aretha Franklin, among other music icons. Here jazz music is very present

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