The 5 most beautiful villages near Lisbon

Lisbon is very close to Spain. The capital of Portugal is a city with many attractions and the truth is that, despite its proximity, it is unknown to many. Therefore, this time we are not going to focus on the capital. Today the protagonists will be the most beautiful villages near Lisbon, and there are really beautiful ones.

The most beautiful villages near Lisbon

These are some of the most beautiful villages near Lisbon, if you are several days in the Portuguese capital, it is worth knowing them. In addition to their beauty, they serve to take the thermometer to the area near the place. Let’s start!

1. Cascais

Cascais – e X pose

It is located just 25 kilometers from Lisbon. It’s a beautiful sandy baywhich is located in an old fishing village that currently has more than 30,000 inhabitants.

This destination is now a symbol of glamour, nature and tranquility. Of special interest is its old town, where the small streets, mansions, seafood restaurants and beaches such as La Reina and El Guincho stand out.

Special mention deserves the cliff called “Mouth of Hell”. It is famous for being the westernmost point of the old continent. All this makes Cascais an ideal area to visit or to spend a few days on vacation.

2. Sintra

National Palace of Sintra – Sean Pavone

Our next station is a city that it is in the hills of the mountain range of the same name, Sintra. The proximity to Lisbon makes it possible to go by car or public transport.

Once you are there, you will need transportation to be able to move between the places that are of greatest interest, since it is difficult to visit them all on foot. Arriving and seeing its streets and monuments makes it easy to understand the reasons why it is a World Heritage Site.

It is worth seeing the Sintra National Palace with its typical chimneys. Also noteworthy are the Palacio da Pena, Quinta da Regaleria or Castelo dos Mouros. Many places to visit that at least need a whole day to savor them.

3. Estoril

Estoril – Josep Curto

One of the most famous towns near Lisbon. To speak of it is to speak of a place that has been the residence of the nobility and members of many royal houses, among others the Spanish, as well as those of Hungary, Italy, Romania or even dictators such as Fulgencio Batista.

One of its great attractions is the casino, its Formula 1 circuit and quality beaches. At a great tourist level, it is endowed with a great reputation. Today it is, without a doubt, one of the most famous sites in Portugal.

4. Obidos

Obidos – Jose Ignacio Soto

The town undoubtedly stands out for the wall, which gives it its own identity. The same happens with its lagoon, which separates it from the coast. It has a medieval castle, to which is added the charm of the narrow streets, arches, passageways, etc.

In addition to all this, the most prominent monument is the impressive Porta da Vila, which is made up of a conglomerate of traditional tiles from the area dedicated to representing the Passion of Christ. A very suitable place if you want to do a day trip without getting too far from Lisbon.

5. Azenhas de Mar

Azenhas de Mar – NaughtyNut

The residents of this coastal town must not have vertigo. You just have to see its white houses attached to the cliff, where they have a beach with crystal clear water just below. It is only 30 kilometers from Lisbon, making it an affordable visit and a discovery.


Those who are used to traveling know that it is always necessary to leave one day..”

-Paulo Coelho-

We hope that this tour of the most beautiful villages near Lisbon has seemed suggestive to you. We know that in a weekend it is impossible to visit themfor material time and because the capital already has many attractions.

The most advisable thing is to visit them once you know Lisbon., or if you have several days, because with that time you could visit a large part of these towns. The capital area and the nearby towns are, without a doubt, a magnificent place to be able to carry out tourism where artistic and natural attractions come together.

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