The 5 most emblematic buildings in the United States

In the United States there are several emblematic buildings that are well worth visiting on vacation. We analyze 5 of them so you don’t miss them.

When taking a tour of different and emblematic cities of the United States we can see some historical buildings that are very worthwhile. It is a country with great bridges, iconic buildings and other samples of American architecture that really attract many tourists to this country during the holidays.

Philadelphia City Hall

The Philadelphia City Hall is a historical building in this city in the United StatesIt is interesting to take into account the Philadelphia City Hall, the building where the current town hall is located. It is a construction of French architecture and made of granite, sandstone and marble, with a total of 250 pieces of sculpture. It has become an iconic building for the city and one of the pieces of history.

New York Brooklyn Bridge

Also recommendable is the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, one of the most famous in the entire country. It was for several decades the longest suspension bridge in the world. Today it is a place of reference for many tourists who come to cross the bridge during their vacations. The views of Manhattan at sunset are truly spectacular.

Hotel del Coronado, San Diego

To take into account it is also the hotel of the Crowned in San Diego, a 19th century construction that has hosted great historical guests throughout its history such as the Prince of Wales, Barack Obama or Charlie Chaplin, among others. It is an accommodation that is located on the beach and is excellent to enjoy the best vacations and the architecture of this hotel.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

The famous Metropolitan Art Museum It is located in New York and is one of the great icons from the point of view of architecture. Dating from the mid-19th century, it is a combination of modern, international and contemporary architecture.

Supreme Court of the United States, Washington

The most iconic buildings in the United States

An emblematic construction is the Supreme Court of the USA which is located in Washington. It was inaugurated in 1935 and is one of the jewels of architecture. It resembles a Roman temple with its different Corinthian columns, brass friezes, as well as being able to see some mythical figures and carvings made of oak wood. It is one of the great icons to take into account.

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