The 5 museums to visit in Jacksonville

Jacksonville is a city that offers different alternatives to enjoy with its most emblematic museums.

One of the reference destinations within Miami is Jacksonvillea spectacular city where tourists have multiple leisure options, cultural activities such as visiting museums, among other possibilities to take into account during the holidays.

Museum of Science and History

The Jacksonville Museum of Science and History is one of the recommendations for the whole familyA highly recommended visit is the one that can be made to the Museum of Science and History from the city. It is a museum that offers a wide variety of exhibitions related to science and the history of the city. It also has a planetarium where children and adults can learn more about the planets and stars, which is one of the great attractions.

Southern History Museum

To take into account, the Museum of the History of the South is also called the G. Howard Bryan Museum of Southern History. It offers the possibility of knowing the different traditions of Jacksonville, as well as learning about the way of life and cultural aspects of this area of ​​the North American country. It also houses a library where everything related to geneaology is investigated.

Cummer Museum of Art

The Jacksonville Cummer Museum of Art It is another of the cultural alternatives. It is a museum that was founded in 1961 after the death of Ninah Cummer, with different personal objects. In total, the permanent collection has a total of 5,000 pieces of great value and is made up of European and American paintings, Meissen porcelain pieces, Japanese prints from the 19th and 20th centuries, works by Eugene Savage, rare books. In addition, the Tudor room is one of the most emblematic since it is maintained with the original furniture. Finally, we can visit the English Garden, the Italian Garden and the Olmsted Garden.

Mandarin Museum and Post Office

One of the alternatives is to know the Mandarin Museum and Jacksonville Post Office, one of the historical sites. Construction took place at the beginning of the 20th century and it has become a very interesting place. It still preserves different original furniture from the time belonging to the store and souvenir items.

Fire Museum

The Fire Museum It is one of the most emblematic of Jacksonville, an interesting place that was the fire station 3. It allows us to see this emblematic building, completely restored old fire trucks, as well as objects from the firefighters of the time. To get to know this place, it can be done from Tuesday to Saturday from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. and it is a free visit.

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