The 5 products to enjoy Easter

The best products and dishes from Costa Rica to savor Holy Week during the holidays.

Holy Week 2018 has arrived and with it it is possible to enjoy in Costa Rica a wide variety of products and typical dishes that are usually consumed much more at this time of year, thanks to traditions that have been in force for decades. The variety of flavors is even greater during this very special week and it is worth discovering.

Cod is still a very typical product to enjoy during Holy Week in Costa Rica.One of the typical products of Holy Week is the cod, a fish that Ticos tend to consume a lot in different preparations and can be seen more frequently in supermarkets. This fish is usually made both in soups and in pickles, depending on the tastes of each one. It is a way of not consuming meat and putting it aside during the week.

A really delicious sweet product that can only be found at Easter is the chiverre honey, a vegetable that resembles a pumpkin from the outside and can be found both raw and in preparations such as honey. It is a perfect product to have a breakfast or snack and sweeten Easter with a vegetable that ripens for this time.

More Easter products

In some provinces of Costa Rica The bean tamale is usually prepared in such a way that the consumption of meat is avoided. It is an elaboration that is made with corn dough and ground beans inside. It is a tradition that has been maintained for a long time because during the colonial era it was prohibited to make the classic webbed corn tortillas, so a dish was needed that could last several days.

The Russian salad It is a refreshing dish for the heat of Holy Week in Costa Rica and is made with different ingredients such as boiled potatoes, mayonnaise, beets, eggs, among others depending on the province.

Also take into account the heart of palm hash, which is usually consumed a lot at this time. It is made with finely chopped palm hearts with egg. Cold preparations are usually more successful due to the heat and also to be able to have them in the fridge beforehand.

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