The 8 most impressive landscapes in New Zealand

Are you planning a trip to Oceania? Are you interested in seeing places where Nature is the protagonist? If so, we invite you to discover the most impressive landscapes in New Zealand. From the high mountains to the beaches, everything is ready for you to enjoy!

To visit this country, you have to reach the Indian Ocean, more precisely the Tasman Sea, 2,000 kilometers southeast of Australia. The trip is long, but it is worth it, especially if you are a traveler attracted by nature and legends.

Aotearoa, the “land of the great white cloud”

New Zealand in a country made up of 2 major islands, the North and the South, and countless smaller islands such as the Cook Islands, Niue, Stewart and Chatham, among others.

This territory was home to the Maori ethnic group, today a minority on the islands. They called the island Aotearoa, by the dense layer of fog that covers its surface. Although they were discovered by the Spanish Juan Fernández in 1576, their name is due to the Dutchman Abel Tasman, who called them Zeeland (‘sea lands’) in 1642, and which was changed to new zealand after English colonization.

New Zealand: beaches, glaciers, mountains and much more

Regardless of its history and its interesting name, what most impresses about New Zealand are its spectacular landscapes. This is a place where Nature expresses itself with generosity, which makes the visit unforgettable. Take note of these destinations for your next travel itinerary!

Hobbiton, territory of the «hobbits»

On the North Island, an hour’s drive from Rotorua, is part of the recording set for the Hobbit Y The Lord of the rings. This place full of magic has become one of the favorites for tourists.

It is a special setting in the midst of New Zealand’s bucolic rural landscape which includes a seating area and bar The Green Dragonwhere you can cool off with a drink and enjoy a movie day.

Volcanoes in Tongariro Park

This protected area of ​​the North Island was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1993. The beauty of this park combines alpine meadows and colorful flowers with crystal clear lakes, hot springs and the imposing presence of the Tongariro, Raupehu and Nhauruhoe volcanoes.

The vastness of Lake Taupo

In the center of the North Island, this enormous mirror of water surrounded by formations of volcanic origin covered in intense green will leave you speechless. Lake Taupo is a calm place, where trout fishing is very good and kayaking is relaxing and pleasant.

Around the lake, there are steaming fumaroles in the area called the “craters of the moon” and a dense forest with trails prepared for mountain biking. In some Taupo beaches, you can feel that the water has a very pleasant temperature, thanks to currents of geothermal origin.

North Island’s Anaura Beach

On the northeast coast of the North Island there are a series of bays where white sand beaches offer tranquility and total relaxation. Anaura Bay is one of them, a perfect place for surfing, fishing, swimming and walking.. The panoramic view of the bay is extraordinary from the hiking trail located uphill, on the coast, between pine forests and native vegetation.

Cathedral Cove Beach

2 hours from Auckland, skirting the Thames Estuary, you arrive at Te Whanganui-A-HeCathedral Cove beach, which is located on the Coromandel Peninsula and has a famous natural archway in the rocks.

This place constitutes an oasis of tranquility, where lovers of leisure tourism, swimming in open water and diving you can have a great day. The Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve protects beautiful reefs and forms an underwater landscape of those that are never forgotten.

Mount Aoraki, the highest point in the Southern Alps

The highest peak in New Zealand is located on the South Island. Of course the English gave it another name: Mount Cooka 3,724-meter mountain that is part of the Aoraki Mount Cook National Park, which has 23 peaks higher than 3,000 meters.

This is a paradise for mountaineers and climbers, although its trails also allow for quiet walks in nature. In addition, the typical mountain landscape offers spectacular views of eternal snow and glaciers, such as the Tasman.

For lovers of astronomy, in this place it is possible to observe stars in a unique space: the Mount Cook International Dark Sky Reserve.

Piopiotahi, the fjord of Milford Sound

On the southwest coast of the South Island, where the Tasman Sea enters up to 15 kilometers inland, we find this magnificent fjord, sandwiched between the steep slopes of the mountains elephant, of 1517 meters, and LionMountain, of 1302 meters.

It is one of the most impressive landscapes in New Zealand, and therefore receives thousands of tourists every year. You can tour it by boat or, in summer do trekking and enjoy the views of the fjord from the top of the mountains.

Queenstown, nature, adventures and relaxation

In the south of the South Island is Queenstown, surrounded by mountains and on the shores of Lake Wakatipu. Here you can have the best views while you take a thermal bath, taste the exquisite pinot noir of the Gibbston vineyards or explore hiking trails in the middle of nature, on 3 to 4 hour walks to different destinations:

  • Walk Queenstown Hill Time: 4.2 kilometers of route to appreciate a spectacular panorama from the top of the mountain.
  • Crichton Loop Track: a circular path of low difficulty to learn about gold mining.
  • MoonlightTrack: for advanced level, a ride up the mountain along an incredible path, where the views will amaze you.

The most impressive landscapes of New Zealand await you

This distant land offers infinite possibilities to its visitors. It is impossible not to find what you are looking for here, since you have adventure tourism, relaxation and rest, beach, sports, excursions and much more.

Keep in mind that the care of the environment and the preservation of nature are very important policies in this country, and have contributed to keeping the most impressive landscapes of New Zealand intact, for the enjoyment of future generations.

Sign up for this list! And you even have to know that the long journey to the other end of the world has much more to offer. It is one of those countries that you cannot miss.

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