The accessible beaches to enjoy in Costa Rica

Costa Rica wants to offer accessible beaches so that tourists can enjoy a very satisfying vacation throughout the year.

Today it is interesting to keep in mind the possibility of finding accessible beaches, so that everyone can enjoy a truly peaceful vacation. In this way Costa Rica wants to work along this path to be able to offer its visitors beaches in good conditions so that everyone can access them.

Costa Rica may be the first Central American country with accessible beachesCertainly Costa Rica wants to become one of the icons for the accessible tourism since it could be the first Central American country with accessible beaches, a very interesting fact that can help more travelers have the opportunity to discover the best charms of this area of ​​the American continent.

Undoubtedly some people with reduced mobility have problems accessing different beaches in the country and therefore from the program Ecological Blue Flag wants to offer high-quality beaches that are accessible to everyone, which is one of the essential aspects that is usually taken into account.

accessible tourism

One of the important aspects is the construction of ramps so that people in wheelchairs can access the beaches and enjoy some Vacations very satisfactory. For this, a series of plastic containers will be used to manufacture the ramps.

Today Costa Rica is a very interesting country from the point of view of sun and beach tourism, because it has a total of 107 beaches that have the Ecological Blue Flag, making it clear that the quality of these places is really very high, which is precisely what many tourists are looking for.

It is also intended to inform and raise awareness of the importance of being able to offer different places with a high degree of accessibility for everyone. Logically, this will benefit everyone and all tourists who bet on Costa Rica when making a trip at any time of the year.

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