The advancement of tourism in Greece

Tourism in Greece continues to improve remarkably, a fundamental sector for the national economy.

The tourism situation in Greece has drastically improved in recent years despite the crisis that Greece has been experiencing for some years. It is important for the country’s economy that the tourism sector progresses positively, among other things because it can help to improve income significantly, which is essential.

Tourism in Greece may advance to 30 million visitors in 2018Currently, 2018 is presented as a year of hope for Greek tourism, among other things because last year ended with very good data. It is expected that 2018 can attract some 30 million touristsa really very good figure after the 24 million visitors achieved during the first ten months of the year.

It is a suggestive place for many visitors from Europe and from outside the continent who seek to discover the great typical attractions of the country, such as the spectacular beaches, the temples and buildings of Ancient Greece, in addition to discovering its wonderful gastronomy that so much Travelers in general like and feel like it and that is part of the incentives.

Tourism in Greece

The good temperatures tend to help tourists travel through Greek lands throughout the year, but it is also an area where the beaches are excellent for sunbathing with the family or as a couple or to enjoy its landscapes. Different destinations like Santorini, Mykonos, AthensThey usually attract many people during the year to spend an excellent stay.

tourism from Germany It continues to be the most abundant since it is a fundamental market and in recent years it has been growing thanks to its temperatures. The security situation in different places such as Turkey, Egypt or Tunisia has indirectly helped Greece as many people have sought stable and safe places to vacation.

It is also interesting to take into account that the Greek heritage is spectacular, as is the case with the Acropolis, one of the excellent places that you should not miss during your vacations.

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