The attractions of a very Andalusian getaway for couples

Spain has charming and very romantic places. Andalusia, in this sense, is one of the most attractive options. Getaways as a couple are one of the most sought after plans for many people during the year. Escaping stress and being in nature allows us to take a well-deserved parenthesis while we are with our partner enjoying that weekend or those days of vacation.

Romanticism passes through Andalusia

The Andalusian community is famous for its sun and beach tourism, as well as for its festivals and the friendliness of its people, but it is also full of the most romantic places where to escape A good place for a Romantic Getaway in Andalusia is in the middle of the paradisiacal Sierra Morena areafamous for its great cultural heritage and a nature where fresh air is the protagonist and where there are truly precious accommodations that enhance the magic that can be felt in any getaway for lovers.

In La Dehesa Experiences they tell us that many of their guests have highlighted the surprise that discovering this area of ​​Andalusia has meant for them. Of course, that says a lot about the place, because not only is there the magic of having a good time with your partner, we also like that the chosen place meets or even exceeds the expectations generated.

always have to surprise

Andalusia getaway

Those responsible for La Dehesa Experience believe that the sector continues to advance decisively in view of the success of romantic and nature tourism. Now there are options such as Luxury Glamping, which is a very special option where you can sleep under the stars with all the comforts of urban luxury. A captivating combination, right?

The romantic experience in an idyllic place

Andalusia romantic getaway

Although the couple already goes with the intention of spending a few magical days, the truth is that it always helps if the suite they choose has an exclusive decoration or that it comes accompanied by a exquisite dinner for a couple with Andalusian products and crowned by local wines. A delight for the senses.

Nature, the best company on a romantic getaway

Andalusian nature

At La Dehesa Experience they believe that nature in romantic getaways is the best companion, as our senses are even more enjoyed. In this regard, they have been able to take advantage of having some of the best skies in Spain. The stars shine in the natural reserve that is Sierra Morena And what better spell than a night walk in the moonlight, right?

Your Starlight Accommodation in Córdoba makes it possible to enjoy a walking tour which begins with the magical sunset in the meadow, which is followed by a spectacular walk around the complex and ends at the ideal point to observe the stars. An unbeatable place to learn everything about the stars and other constellations that we can observe from the Starlight sky.

We are experiencing a boom in rural tourism that seems to have no ceiling, but what is more, if it is combined with the charm of romantic getaways, The result can not be better. More and more couples are encouraged to live something different, which seems to have been lost, and that is that nature gives us a series of ingredients that are impossible to match.

So now you know, if you want to live a getaway where romance unites you, do it under the stars and in a magical night It’s one of the best plans you can have, isn’t it? The prospects are unbeatable and fortunately, it is a very special type of tourism within everyone’s reach.