The attractions of Cork, Ireland in its purest form

Cork is the second largest city in the country and the second in importance after Dublin. The population rose in the county of the same name. It is often called the “rebel” city for having fought against different British powers during its domination.

Talk about Cork is to do it from a city full of energy. It helps to be a university city, but also has an exquisite gastronomy that goes beyond the traditional “fish and chips”. Walking through its streets is to see churches and, of course, the scars left by a religious conflict that is still recent.

Cork, a very complete destination

Nature lovers have sights of great beauty in the Irish countryside. Includes postcards of the River Lee that splits the municipality in two, or approaching the beaches of nearby coastal towns.

Cork – Green Dawn

In this city, which was the last point where the unfortunate Titanic stopped, you can walk through its old town that starts next to the River Lee. One of its biggest attractions is the English Market, a market that was built in the 17th century and that it has been rebuilt three times. In this market you can taste many fresh products, from fish to fruits.

In 2016 the Irish Republic celebrated its centenary as an independent country from the United Kingdom. Churches are a symbol of conflict. One of the main points of friction was the limitations on Catholic worship. This had the consequence that you can see that the main churches in cork are protestantbeing the catholic temples in streets of less importance.

Places of interest in Cork

We must name, first of all, the Cathedral of San Fin Barre, Built at the end of the 19th century following the French Gothic style. It stands out for its towers and has a golden angel that crowns the temple. It has 1,260 sculptures and an important symbolic value due to its relationship with Freemasonry.

Cork Cathedral – David Remis Ten

Another temple of interest is the Church of Santa Ana. It was built in 1722 and has a baptismal font from 1629. You can climb its dome and have magnificent views of the city. Visitors can ring the temple bells. An experience for those who dare.

Also, like a good Irish town, It has a castle on the outskirts, located on a ledge of land on the banks of the River Lee. It suffered several fires and after the last one, which occurred in the 19th century, it was rebuilt. Today you can enjoy in it the Blackrock Castle Observatory, an astronomical museum that is very interesting for children. It also has a telescope in a dome to have the best view. The only bad thing is that it can only be used when the sky is clear in the city.

Blackrock Castle – Stephen Long

You can also visit the Fota Wildlife Park, an extensive 40-hectare park full of wild animals that live in semi-freedom. There are more than 30 species of mammals and 50 of birds that visit the area along with some 400,000 people a year. Without a doubt, one of the main attractions of the region.

Cork’s environs

In addition to the city itself, Cork has the attraction of being able to visit the nearby towns and one of them is Kinsale, where you can see the transformation of Ireland. This small fishing village has become a place of retirement and leisure for the inhabitants of the area and a large number of tourists. Sailing through its bay or strolling through its streets full of colors is essential.

Kinsale – Andrei Nekrassov

By last, we recommend a visit to Fort Charles, which was built in a curious star shape in the 17th century to defend its coast against the possibility of a Spanish attack in the time of Felipe II. Over time it was expanded and was a prominent player in other battles in the long history of Ireland.


“There are no foreign lands. Only the traveler is a foreigner.”

-Robert Louis Stevenson-

We hope that with these lines you will have more than detailed information on what Cork offers to tourists. Although many visitors who land in Ireland limit themselves to seeing Dublin, this city is also worth a visit. Attractions have more than enough.

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