The best airlines in the world in 2018

Singapore Airlines becomes the number 1 company in the Traveller’s Choice Airlines awards.

Every year it is interesting to know the best airlines in the world to take them into account and enjoy their best service. From TripAdvisor, the Traveller’s Choice Airlines Awardswhich allows us to have the list with the best of each year and to know the ones that have offered a better service to all the travelers who have participated in the vote.

Singapore Airlines wins Best Airline of 2018 awardFirst of all we find Singapore Airlines, a very prestigious airline that continues to win international awards every year and has gone from second to first position in one year. It is the one that the largest number of travelers have voted for and the one that offers the best service, which is a factor to take into account when choosing a flight.

We have in the second position air new zealand, which improves three places this year and can undoubtedly opt for first place in the coming years. In third position was Emirates, which has dropped a few places this year but continues to be among the best in the world. It is a classification that is due to both the quality and the quantity of comments.

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Other airlines that have stood out for their good work are the Spanish, as is the case of Binter Canarias. In this case, it has managed to be in the first position for its tourist class within the European ones. It is a well-deserved award that can help the airline to get a greater number of customers in the near future.

The improvement of the asian companies It is also very remarkable since in addition to the first position of Singapore Airlines, highlight the presence of Japan Airlines in fourth position, EVA Air in fifth position and tenth position for Korean Air.

Certainly getting recognition is important in order to have a greater notoriety and for the future clients They can take into account a certain airline when making a trip to different corners of the world such as Asia, Europe or America.

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