The best cities in the world to walk

We show you some of the most recommended cities to enjoy a walk during the holidays and get to know its streets.

Walking is always an activity very well received by citizens, much more now in times of pandemic. For this reason, it is highly recommended to keep in mind which are the friendliest cities for pedestrians, which allows them to enjoy a walk more safely during their vacations.

have been pointed out the ten most recommended cities for walking and enjoy all its charms. Most are European, including some Spanish. This It will allow that in your next trip you can include knowing some of them to know them in depth, much more if you are one of the people who really like to walk and explore destinations on foot. This is something that both couples and families usually enjoy a lot when traveling.

We have the city of Vienna in Austria, a very comfortable place where you can walk to enjoy its terraces, its shops and its iconic buildings that visitors like so much. Lisbon in Portugal is another of the perfect places to take a walk and feel at home.

Other large European capitals, such as Madrid, Prague, London or Paris they are among the friendliest for walkers, so they can be taken into account. Having numerous pedestrian streets, security, great variety of shops and restaurantsare alternatives that are taken into account to assess the city as friendly for pedestrians and that are very interesting options.

Already outside of Europe we have big cities that everyone would like to know, as is the case of New York, Tokyo in Japan or Seoul in South Korea. It is striking that Beijing in China is one of the friendliest cities for pedestrians, much more so when pollution is so high. as well as the number of people who walk daily through its streets.

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