The best cocktail bars in Buenos Aires

If you plan to travel to the capital of Argentina soon, we suggest some of the best cocktail bars in Buenos Aires. Thus, you can relax in them after an intense day of tourism or enjoy a good time while letting yourself be infected by the magical atmosphere of the city.

Buenos Aires cocktail bars: The Uptown

This cocktail bar perfectly represents a New York subway station, which makes the person who steps on it move to the famous American city. It all begins when you enter through a mouth and continue down a corridor identical to the one in the underground. The experience continues in the main room, with iron beams and graffiti.

Already settled, in The Uptown there is a very varied menu, so you can ask to drink practically whatever you want: craft beers, wines or any classic or signature drink. Meanwhile, a DJ is in charge of livening up the atmosphere from his booth, paying close attention to the music.

The gastronomic offer is added to the offer of drinks, also of great quality. The menu is divided into stops with proposals to eat inspired by each neighborhood. For example, Little Italy contains dishes based on burrata, tagliatelle all’amatriciana or tiramisu.

Nicky Harrison Speakeasy

Another of the best cocktail bars in Buenos Aires is Nicky Harrison Speakeasy, hidden in the middle of the Palermo neighborhood. in it too you will feel in the United States, in this case, in a place from the 1920s. The reason? The dim light, or the music that passes between the swingjazz and trip hop.

Regarding the drink, the letter is printed on a page of The New York Times of the time and contains cocktails such as the Roosevelt, which perfectly combines gin, jasmine tea or orange bitters with a touch of Himalayan salt.

Award-winning cocktail bars in Buenos Aires: Florería Atlántico

This establishment could not be missing from the list was chosen in 2018 as one of the best bars in the world for him ranking International The World’s 50 Best Bars. It occupied, nothing less, than the position number 14. There is nothing. Do you need more reasons to go to him if you travel to Buenos Aires?

You should know that Florería Atlántico has the longest bar in the entire capital of Argentina, because it measures 18 meters! It gathers between 200 and 400 people per night to order something from the drinks menu. The proposal of cocktails It is divided into regions: Italy, Spain, England and Poland.

As a curiosity, and so that you are not caught off guard, Florería Atlántico lives up to its name. And it is that the cocktail bar is located in the basement of a flower shop. Therefore, to access it you have to go through a metal door and go down a ladder. Don’t you remember the pubs hidden from the times of the Dry Law?

Johnny B Good

It is an informal place of wood and steel in which music by legendary rock and pop artists and groups, such as Queen or The Beatles, never stops playing. It is open all day, so just as you can have a quiet drink, you can have breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But If this establishment is known, it is not for anything other than its cocktails. Cosmopolitan, Long Island Ice Tea, Mojito or Negroni are some of the drinks that can be ordered. Highly requested is the Cinderella, with Baileys, dulce de leche ice cream, condensed milk, cinnamon sticks and sweet cocoa.

Verne Cocktail Club

We ended up in one of the most emblematic bars in Buenos Aires. Your bar is run by the renowned bartender Faith Cuckoo, which presents menus that vary under names such as ‘Around the world in 8 cocktails’. You can’t miss out on trying the Opium Fashioned or the classic White Jasmine, which contains Bombay Sapphire gin, honey, lemon, jasmine tea and cardamom.

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